Traveling in Paris is easier with a France Rail pass. Tourists may visit places like Paris, Burgundy, Marseille and others. Most destinations in France can be reached by rail in approximately two hours or less. France is a beautiful country with a mixture of lush vineyards and white sand beaches.

Canadians enjoy traveling through their own mother country by rail. Canadian travel by train is simple and enjoyable. Canadian train travel is affordable and comfortable. This method of travel is a greener form of travel than driving. Travelers can reduce carbon emissions and reduce the effects of global warming by traveling by train. Canadians will prefer the same level of comfort in train travel in numerous places around the world.

All tickets may be purchased online at the Rail Europe Web site or over the phone. Tickets may also be purchased at vending machines or at train station counters. Passengers may also buy tickets on trains as they are traveling in some instances. Discounts on car rental and hotel accommodation may also be given in conjunction with the rail passes and discount.

While it is pleasant to travel throughout Paris by train, it is also possible to travel to nearby countries. Many of the tourists enjoy the six hour ride from Paris to Amsterdam. Some trains are faster than others. For instance, the Thalys is available for affordable train travel to Amsterdam. This train is able to make the trip in four hours instead of six hours. The Thalys runs up to 19 times daily. Most travelers can purchase tickets with no problem for this particular train.

Tourists should inquire about the different options available to maximize the enjoyment of the train ride. A slower train ride will allow individuals enjoy their scenery as they travel. Travelers that appreciate leisure travel will also appreciate being able to travel without exerting any energy.

Tourists have the ability to select from first class travel or second class travel. In first class, travelers may receive meals and newspapers. Travelers may use the trains to travel to the Louvre, the Picasso Museum, Versaille or Disneyland Resort Paris. Almost any attraction in Paris is accessible by train. At most a short connection may be required via taxi, shuttle or other mode of transportation.

Some trains may even have WiFi, Skype and other conveniences available to help make travel on the train more convenient to everyone involved. Tourists may store their luggage in over head compartments. The storage capacity is fairly spacious depending on the train. Some trains recommend strapping the luggage down to prevent it from being taken mistakenly by another passenger.

Paris Train Travel

Canadian travel has encouraged individuals in other countries to save the environment and travel by train. Canadian train travel is one of the safest modes of travel on the earth. Passengers will be safe, comfortable and arrive faster than they would arrive by vehicle. For the best results with Canadian travel, check the schedules prior to result. Experts suggest leaving early in the morning for the best results with Canadian train travel.

Most Parisian destinations may be reached within an hour. Overnight trains are also available for longer trips within the country of France. This mode of transportation will also save on a free night’s accommodation. Over 400 trains travel weekly in Canada.

Canadians traveling to Paris will enjoy the same standard of comfort in Paris as in Canada. Some trains may have global passes that will also work in your home country after travel is complete in Paris. With so much to see and do in Paris, train travel is one of the most recommended modes of transportation.