Aeroponics is one of the most advanced forms of hydroponics

Aeroponics is one of the most innovative approaches to growing plants in the wonderful world of hydroponics.  It provides a simple and highly productive way to grow wholesome and larger plants.  It also provides faster plant growth rates than other types of hydroponics systems.  For this reason, aeroponics has long been one of the most popular hydroponics methods out there. 

Aeroponics is one of the most innovative and efficient hydroponic systems that you can get.  Even though aeroponics systems are designed for producing wonderful results, they need a lot more attention, maintenance, and focus on details than almost every other hydroponic gardening approach.

The word "aeroponic" comes from two ancient Greek words: "aero" means "air" and “ponos" means "labor".  This type of hydroponics water gardening is essentially growing vegetation in mid-air where the roots are left dangling inside a container and sprayed with nutrient infused water solution and allowed to grow.  This method of growing vegetables conserves a great deal of water and fertilizer while reducing the amount of pests and diseases that can invade your water garden thus letting you grow green and healthy organic produce all year-long.  Using this system the roots have to be sprayed for a couple of seconds every couple of minutes to prevent the roots from drying out and killing the plants.

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30 Sith Aeroponics System

When the fertilizer solution is sprayed on the roots, the roots will absorb the nutrients causing the plants to grow.  In between the spraying times of this process when no water is being applied, the plant's roots will absorb oxygen.  If the roots are not allowed to breathe they will drown killing the plant, and too much time between spray cycles could cause the plants to dry out.  This can increase the metabolism of the plant ten times more than growing the plant in soil.

Cloning using an aeroponic system is probably the quickest approach to creating strong and healthy young plants and flowers. Cloning your fully developed mother plants and flowers produces identical genetic copies of the mother plants and flowers called cuttings.  Making clones is done in an effort to take advantage of the strengths the mother plant possesses that you want to keep such as improved disease resistance, or increased production. Growing plants from seeds involves the chance that the plant seeds may not have the attributes you are interested in with your new plants. 

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Aeroponics Cloner

Aeroponics is one of the best ways to make clones because it is such an efficient way to grow plants. By utilizing aeroponic cloning you will notice a quick development in your cuttings, strong and healthy root systems forming quickly, producing roots in as little as five to ten days. This will give you quality plants to grow.

Even though aeroponics is a very productive way to grow plants there are some disadvantages as well. Even though almost everything is simple and automatic to use, the lack of growing medium in an aeroponics system can become a big problem if the pump stops working. If this happens the roots can dry out very quickly because there is nothing keeping them moist.


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Another problem is the spray nozzles can become clogged if the system is not kept clean. This happens because small pieces of plant matter can fall off of the plants into the reservoir and get sucked up into the pipes where they get trapped in the nozzles.

These potential problems are small when compared to the huge advantages that an aeroponics provides for the user. Using this type of hydroponics garden, plants and flowers will always grow a lot quicker, and end up much healthier than if they had been grown with some other technique. And you can feel comfortable knowing that you will experience constantly great results with aeroponics.