When thinking about French culture, architecture and government, you can’t simply disregard their influence to the world. French History 1Credit: http://www.morguefile.com/archive/display/228903 The rich history of France still holds a great part in the world’s history.  Apart from its prominent Eiffel Tower, its main contribution is its famous French people who are continuously gaining attention globally.

Just like any other country, France went through a lot of crisis, wars and revolutions until they finally settled to what they are today. France’s economy plays a major role in the world’s trade and industry. They are known for their newly designed automobiles, machineries, aircrafts, electronics, etc. Despite the lucrative goods found only in France which continues to make a mark in the business industry, their great people also made a good start for their history.

Here is a list of some renowned French people:

  • Napoleon Bonaparte – He is the first emperor and considered to be among the most prominent leaders of his time. When he was still on the military, he showed courage to face turmoil in the country, being the head of the family after his father died. He reorganized the education system, organized military trainings and started the Napoleonic Code. Napoleon died on St. Helena, in the South Atlantic Ocean, May 5, 1821.
  • Rene Descartes – He is one of the most famous French philosopher, writer and mathematician. Rene is known by everyone because his work entitled “La geometrie” consist of Algebra and Geometry which is mostly used now in the study of Cartesian geometry.
  • Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck – He is a French naturalist who died poor and didn’t get any chance of getting the credit he deserved. He was never given an award or recognition for his work, he was simply ignored. But everything is different today, his theory of heredity made him well-known, even Charles Darwin described him as an excellent zoologist, but it was too late, he already died.
  • Claude Monet – He is a French painter and among the founders of Impressionism painting together with his friends Sisley, Bazille and Renoir. He didn’t agree with copying how old master painters do, instead he learned and observed color variations, the effect of light on different seasons, then eventually he started painting using his own naturalist approach.
  • Claude Debussy – He is known as a great composer. He created original system of rhythms and music structures that impressionists painters and writers can get inspiration from. Some of his works include Clair de lune, Prelude to the Afternoon of Faun and La Mer. During Claude’s early years, he showed interest in playing the piano.      Despite the turbulence he experienced when he was young, this didn’t stop him to develop music that the world will eventually appreciate.

These people are just among the many French individuals who made France a big part of the world history. And the numbers of these people are increasing every year, as more French are striving in their own field. Today, everyone knows where France is and who its people are, they can no longer be underestimated.