Listen, every kid knows that at times, school can be a bore. And with such easy access to the internet it's only a matter of time before they start looking for unblocked games to pass the time. So why do they need to find unblocked games at school? Well, the faculty isn't dumb, no matter what many kids might think. They know kids are going to surf the net and goof off. That's why schools have software that blocks the majority of adult content and common video games. The good news for the kids is that the internet is a big world and they can't block everything.

Now, for those that want to get technical and learn to unblock games on their own, the easiest thing to do is search for unblocked proxy sites. These sites allow the user to surf the web by proxy which essentially circumvents common blocking software like Websense. Anyone that wants to get more technical than that is going to have to visit some specialty forums because I'm no expert hacker.

Of course, the easiest way to go is just find games that are already unblocked. Searching for unblocked online games will typically bring up some websites that specialize in this sort of thing and filled with games that the school isn't blocking. Finding an entire website full of these games is much more convenient than searching for them individually and hoping that it's a game they actually want to play.

Once the desired game is found, the matter of hiding it from the teachers is of vital importance. If accessing unblocked games on a cell phone, the old open book with cell phone hidden behind it trick is a classic. Just make sure any sound is turned off. Seems obvious but it only takes one mistake to bring down the whole operation. Playing games in the library where teachers expect kids to be on the computer anyway is also a nice choice. Naturally there always seems to be extended periods of time when the teacher is out of the classroom so this time should be exploited to it's fullest.

There are some websites out there that want to charge to play these kind of games but free unblocked games are so easy to find and the choices so abundant that it would really be a waste of money. Besides, how many games are you planning on playing at school anyway? Seriously, you really need to pay attention and study at some point or you'll end up in your mom's basement for the rest of your life dreaming of pulling Cora out the game grid and into the real world.