There are many ways to get inspired and find energy in our daily lives, but there are two things that are certain to give you incredible new life and a mountain of energy.

Regular Exercise

You don't have to go to GNC and buy a bunch of protein. Or take a class where you feel overwhelmed because every person you see is in incredible shape. You can actually workout a relatively small amount and reap incredible physical and mental benefits.

From my own experience, my energy level is through the roof if I get anywhere from three to five solid, rigorous workouts in per week. You can do more, and you can probably do less and still experience the benefits of working out. Your body craves movement, your muscles need it and so does your heart.

Once you establish a habit of working out, you'll begin to see your eating behaviors snowball in a positive direction. Your body craves good, natural foods that you may typically and otherwise avoid for alternatives that aren't so healthy.

Great energy comes from treating a body good. That's a fact!


For many, reading is one of those things that seems annoying. Or, maybe you just haven't taken the initiative to pick up a book since the last time you were in a class that had some level of required reading! There's a quote out there that I put a lot of stock in and completely believe it. It goes like this...

"You will be the same person in five years that you are today except for the people you meet and the books that you read." -Charles Jones.

I tend to enjoy non-fiction books over fiction, because it gives me an opportunity to learn something I didn't previously know, therefore enabling myself to become a more educated, well-rounded professional.

Most importantly, I get great and wonderful energy from the books that I read. When you get completely new ideas and philosophies on life from the books you read, when you apply new techniques that you have learned from a book - you get great energy.

In summary, there are literally hundreds of things you can do to get a spike in energy. Unfortunately, most people turn to a 5 hour energy drink concoction. Instead, do something that your body likes and wants - physical and mental stimulation!