LED technology is rapidly becoming one of the best choices for anybody's emergency preparedness kit, bug-out bag, serving as an emergency lighting source, or making your camp site a little brighter.

Modern day LED technologies are creating extremely bright and powerful light, while at the same time-consuming almost no electric power. LED bulbs tend to last a very long time without ever-burning out like other light bulbs, not to mention that they can run for up to several days on one set of batteries.

The amount of light that a light source produces is called lumens. In simple terms one lumen is the amount of light that a birthday candle produces at the distance of one foot away from the candle. Basically all light producing sources are measured with lumens simply because other forms of measurements can be misleading.

For example, a 40 watt incandescent light bulb produces around 500 lumens of light while a LED that produces that much light while only consuming a few watts of power. Because of this, lumens are the best way to measure the amount of light that an item produces.

Here is a comparison of some of the best LED lanterns that are available today.

Coleman Twin High Power LED Lantern

Coleman Twin High Power LED LanternCredit: Amazon

Coleman Twin High Power LED Lantern

This is perhaps the brightest LED lantern on the market today. It produces an impressive 580 lumens on its brightest setting. Battery life is around 10 hours on the brightest setting, and around 100 hours on the lowest setting. The Coleman Twin High Power uses eight D cell batteries. The dimensions of the lantern are around 8” by 7.5” by 13”.

If you are looking for the brightest lantern that you can get then this is the one for you.

The Eureka! Warrior 400

At around 400 lumens, the warrior 400 is not as bright as the Coleman, but it is still plenty bright for most of the things that you need a lantern for. The warrior 400 uses six D batteries that will last for up to 60 hours on bright setting, or 132 hours on the low setting.

The Eureka Warrior 400 also has a smaller 25 lumen LED for reading, plus a pair of red LED’s that will last for around 240 hours. In addition to this it also has an emergency flashing mode in the event that you need to get the attention of other people. The dimensions are 9.5” by 4.8” by 4.8” making it a little smaller than the Coleman Twin High Power.

The Rayovac Sportsman Xtreme

With a battery life of around 72 hours on the bright setting, and 150 hours on the low setting, the Rayovac Sportsman Xtreme produces 300 lumens of light with three D cell batteries.

The Rayovac Sportsman Xtreme also has a small blinking green led when the lantern is off so that you can easily find it without having to turn on a flashlight. Like the warrior 400, this unit also has a blinking mode for emergencies. The unit measures around 7” tall by 3.5” in diameter.

Coleman LED Quad Lantern

Another Coleman on the list, this unit features four modules that can be easily removed from the main unit if you need to take a flashlight with you. The Quad produces roughly 200 lumens of light with each module producing around 50 lumens of light.

Coleman LED Quad LanternCredit: Amazon

The main unit is powered by eight D cell batteries, and will last for 75 hours on its brightest setting. The individual modules will last for roughly an hour and a half with their internal battery. This unit is around 7.8” by 13” tall.

CREE 40450 185 Lumens Multi-functional LED Lantern and Torch

The first lantern on the list that uses AA batteries, this small unit produces an impressive 185 lumens of light. The four AA batteries last at 25 hours on the brightest settings, and 45 hours on the low setting. This unit also has a flash mode that will last for around 50 hours.

CREE 40450 185 Lumens Multi-functional LED Lantern and TorchCredit: Amazon

CREE 40450 185 Lumens Multi-functional LED Lantern and Torch

The dimensions are 6.5” long by 2.5” in diameter making it at around the size of a larger flashlight.

CREE 40426 110 Lumens Bright Light Camping LED Lantern

Similar to the lantern above, however this unit produces 110 lumens of light instead of 185 lumens. Using three AA batteries, this unit will run for 24 hours on bright and 48 hours on dim and around 55 hours on blink mode. This lantern measures 5” by 2” by 2.5” making it a perfect fit for just about any bug out bag.

Rayovac SP1W3AALN-BA Sportsman 65-Lumens

Even though the Rayovac only produces 65 lumens the design of the unit does a great job of spreading the light out evenly. At its brightest setting the three AA batteries will last around 16 hours, while they will last 35 hours in the low setting.  This unit is 10” tall by 6.5” long by 3” wide.