The MaclMaclaren Questaren Quest pushchair usually comes in blue and dark red colors. On the other hand there are also many other beautiful colors too choose from. So, do not give up. One thing I really like about it is that setup is a breeze. The unit is out of the box and ready for use in well under one minute. So, the stroller takes no assembly and is ready for immediate use. But you do have to know what you're doing and play with it to get to know it.

The second thing I really love about the Maclaren Quest is the lightweight design. This is a very lightweight baby pushchair. Also, it's very maneuverable. It comes with lockable front and back wheels for safety. Best of all, you can simply and quickly lock and unlock both front and back wheels with the foot. Another thing that is really good about it is that there is a lot of useful storage space. Although it is very lightweight, if you are going shopping there is enough space to put the shopping bags.

Furthermore, there is enough space underneath the pushchair to put everything you need for your child. While you have the sun-hood on there is a storage pocket on the back of the canopy. It is good to Baby Strollerknow that the sun hood is completely removable. It also features a rain cover. It has the sun hood on there's a small window in the back to look at your child. Unfortunately, there is no picaboo window at the top. The hood detracts which is also very good.

Other relevant features include a padded five point harness. It is well padded and it will make you feel more comfortable about your baby's safety. So, for a peace of mind, it is money well spent. It also reclines into 2 different positions. Your child will feel more secure and comfortable. The Maclaren Quest also features a leg rest and also a great footrest.

Last but not the least is the folding mechanism on this baby stroller. To fold it all you have to do is to kick the middle lever up; than simply kick the side lever down. Next push the unit down and forward and it collapses in on itself. Once you hear a click it is done. To unfold the stroller just unlock the side panel and than simply kick down the same lever at the back. Again, once you hear a click you are ready to go.

To conclude, this is a superb baby stroller. It is extremely lightweight (just 12.3 pounds without the hood), it is very maneuverable, and has the breaking feature. Also, the Maclaren Quest features plenty of storage space and it also features a lot of different options including the 5 point padded harness, foot rest and leg rest.