On The Brink of Discovering a Whole New Magical World.

In 2001, the first 'krasnal' (Polish for gnome) was commissioned by the city of Wroclaw. By the fall of 2013 over 270 of these little statues have spread like wildfire throughout the city, predominantly in the very tourist geared old part of the city.

Their number keeps on growing as privately commissioned statues make for a great tourist attraction and a magnet for any business's store front.

Appearing both hight and low, in plain sight as well as the most unexpected places: street lamps, store fronts, churches, sidewalks, in alleys, suspended off buildings or taking some money out from the dwarf bank ATM window next to your feet as you're withdrawing your funds from a real ATM... lets just say, these dwarfs are sneaky and you've probably walked past a number of them without even realizing it!

My advice: Pay Attention! Keep Your Eyes Open and Expect the Unexpected!

You may be wondering what's so special about that?

They have become the city's iconic citizens.

Well, for someone who enjoys to explore a city by foot, spotting these little guys along the way adds an element of surprise, suspense and excitement! Why wouldn't you want to make fun discoveries and give yourself a challenge?! 

Plus, the gnomes add a fun and interesting subject to photograph, which by the way you can also instagram #krasnale.

Each statue is unique and worth a closer look. Some are cute, some are chubby, some have a message to deliver to you while others are executing a task.

There are also those naughty dwarfs that find it ok to chug wine straight from the bottle or kill the day by gambling on slot machines!

Naughty dwarfs!

If you are planning to visit Poland, I highly recommend making a stop over in Wroclaw. The city is simply beautiful! It's old but well manicured and elegantly restored; vibrant and pleasantly noisy with street musicians and indoor live bands, as well as thanks to being a university town its happening.

The churches, the Cathedral, the countless bridges and street side benches, not to mention the narrow cobble stone roads... The city on it's own offer plenty of exciting tourist attractions, and the gnomes are the magical bonus.

Guaranteed, they will make both the young and the more mature feel as though they are walking on the fine line between reality and fantasy.

There is also a city map that can be your treasure map in your gnome discovery quest, but if you ask me, finding them myself is what makes it so exciting and fun!

Wroclaw Gnomes

I've Got the Key, I've Got the Secret!

Wroclaw Gnome

Wroclaw Dwarfs

Is it my birthday?? Who wants presents!

Wroclaw Gnome
Credit: MAGZiNK

Wroclawski Krasnal


Sleepy Dwarf
Credit: MAGZiNK