Schrade SCHF1 Extreme Survival Special Forces Fixed Blade Knife

Hollow handle survival knives have a bad reputation and for good reason. They tend to be junk knives that are made from two pieces, the blade and the handle. The blade is generally bolted or welded to the handle causing a weak point in the knife. They will generally break on the first day that they need to do real work.

These knives were first made in the 1930’s. During the Vietnam War Bo Randall made the model 18 for helicopter pilots to help them escape from a helicopter crash. It wasn’t until 1982 that the hollow handle survival knife became famous with the first Rambo movie called “First Blood”. In the movie, Rambo was using a custom designed Jimmy Lile hollow-handle survival knife which was a custom-made high quality survival knife.

With the success of First Blood the hollow handle survival knife became all the rage and manufactures started to mass produce them.  This is when cheap imitations were sold in mass to capitalize on the blockbuster movie. It is also when they started to get a bad reputation. Even though these knives tend to be gimmick knives, there are a few hollow handle survival knives that are worth taking a look at.

Schrade SCHF1 hollow handle survival knifeCredit: amazon

One such knife is the Schrade extreme survival fixed blade knife. It is a copy of a knife designed by famous knife maker named Chris Reeves, and it is one of the few hollow handle survival knives that isn’t a gimmick.

With the Schrade extreme survival knife the blade and handle are machined from one piece of steel making it a hollow handle full tang knife. This eliminates the weak spot that plagues the other cheaply built gimmick blades that gave the hollow handle blades a bad reputation.

The Schrade extreme survival is designed to take abuse without breaking on you when you might need it the most. It is strong and durable plus it can easily handle all of the chores that you need to carry out during a survival scenario.

The knife includes a screwdriver set in the hollow handle that seems a bit out-of-place for something that is designed to aid you during a survival scenario, but it can be easily removed and replaced with items that you are more likely to need for survival.

The SCHF1 has a spear tip while the SCHF2 has a bowie style tip. These knives also come with a partial serration around two inches long. This is a huge knife measuring at over a foot long and weighing over a pound. For some people this might be to big, if it is for you Schrade makes a smaller version called the SCHF1SM and SCHF2SM that is around 10 inches long and weighs less then a pound and does not come with a serration on the blade.

Schrade SCHF2 Extreme Survival Special Forces Fixed Blade KnifeCredit: amazon

The steel that these knives are made from is 1070 high carbon steel. This knife is sturdy and could be used for a number of tasks such as splitting wood, defending yourself from an attacker, prying a door open or skinning animals. Whatever the task, it is highly unlikely that you will ever break this hollow handle survival knife.