Delon body butter is well known among many of you. However; there are also people who have heard about this product, and want to learn more and there are people who haven't heard of it at all yet. This article will give a brief review of this body butter.

Body butter is a form of moisturizer to keep your skin smooth and comfortable. It is advised to use it if you have problems with dry or sensitive skin. There are of course other brands out there, but few has amazed me as much Delon. This body butter has everything we expect from a moisturizer. It is delivered in a variety of different scents; it is quick absorbing and makes the skin feeling smooth and fresh.

Let us first have a look at the scent. Many skin care products have added scent through synthetic indigents, which are produced by chemicals. The problem with this is that many either has a sensitive skin reacting to the chemicals, or they experience allergic reactions to it. Delon has solved this by using botanical indigents to create the fragrances. The only negative thing that could be said about this body butter is that some of the fragrances are a bit strong. Delon could have done a better job reducing it a bit. Most of the flavors are from tropical fruits such as coconut, mango, grape seed and olive, but there are also other options as vanilla and chocolate.

The body butter feels more like a cream and not really like a butter. This is not negative at all, since it's neither sticky nor greasy. It just feels comfortable touching and using it. When you use the butter it quickly absorb into the skin, and it doesn't leave any form of residue. The smooth and fresh feeling we get when using it last for a many hours. Thought, you might get the habit of using it more often than needed as it make your skin feel so well when using it. The Delon body butter contains a lot of vitamin A and E, which is common among most moisturizers. As a side note, this is body butter; you should not keep it stored at warm places.

Delon also bring good news for those who are worried about animals. There are no indigents based on animals in it, and they do not perform any tests of their products on animals. This is because most of their indigents are natural/botanical. This might be some of the secret to Delon's success. They attempt to use as much from botanical products as possible, and just a few chemicals indigents. With other words, they use the best from modern knowledge to produce great products.

After testing Delon body butter I can comfortably recommend you to get it for yourself, or to buy it as a gift to someone you else you might want to surprise. With its fresh scent and quality it's as close to a luxury moisturizer as you can get to a reasonable price.