About an hour away or about 26 kilometres from Melbourne, you will find the Phillip Island, one of the favoured destinations in Victoria. If you are looking for a place to go to for a spot of relaxation or a bit of adventure, the island is exactly where you will find it. You are in for a great get-away if you decide to come here.

Phillip Island is one of the most favoured destinations in Victoria, Australia. Aside from the Australian Grand Prix, the island is also greatly known for the fairy penguins, the smallest penguin species of the world and their daily parade back to their homes at dusk. The island is also home to a wide array of wildlife in their natural habitats. To top all these, you will also find high-quality local produce here.

Getting to Know Phillip Island’s History and Progress

The island was started early in 1798 and was discovered by George Bass. However, the island did not prove to be a good place for people to live in. During the 1870s, the farmers living there were unable to sustain a well and happy living because of the unavailability of work for them.

 Things turned around for the island during the 20th century though. In fact, this was said to be Phillip Island’s luckiest century because of the very first Australian Grand Prix that was held in the 1920s. People from all the over the world visited the island to witness the car race. This was immediately followed by the success that the penguin parade that made a remarkable impression on the tourists coming to the island.

With only 50 residents in 1902, Phillip Island has now grown to having around 7,500 full-time residents. It also garners above 3.5 million visitors every year. It is stated thought that more than half of these visitors flock here because of the penguin parade.

About the Penguins and Their Parade

The little penguins found in Phillip Island are considered among the most beautiful creatures found here. Although they are quite small at only 13 inches tall at most, earning them the nickname fairy penguins from the locals, they are quite noticeable with the bluish tint to their feathers. The birds have a habit of waddling in a parade when dusk sets in every day. This is when they go home and return to their nests on the shore.

In this parade, you will be able to see the penguins with their heads, beaks and some with their wings together. As they move towards the shore, they usually make a lot of noise that will definitely catch your attention and make you to look at them. You will also be able to see their wobbly feet on the sand, from the smallest to the biggest bird, as they get to the island. Although moving in small groups while still at the beach, they will eventually form a single line when they get closer to shore.

There is More to Phillip Island than just the Penguin Parade

Aside from the penguin parade, Phillip Island has more wonders to offer up its sleeve. It provides not just fabulous fauna and wildlife but also great dining of gastronomic feasts made of all-natural local produce. The beautiful lush southern fields of the island do not just offer delightful scenery, but also good quality wines. They are perfect to be paired with the fine cheeses and other gourmet delicacies produces in the island as well. If wines and cheeses are not enough, you can also find that the island is able to offer you among the finest olives and olive oil in the country as well as the best-tasting chocolate. All these will certainly be a great way to cap your experience of the island.