Storage solutions come in many sizes, both large and small. For people who have big storage needs, consider purchasing a steel shed. Why steel you ask? These shed units are designed to withstand the elements. A steel shed is a long term investment that will last many years to come. Corrugated steel panels come together with industrial quality anodized steel bolts. Inside, items are protected from the elements. It's a great way to keep your garden tools, lawnmower, and any other items safe. Assembly is required and involves several steps. First, a foundation must be laid using concrete or wood beams. This is important because the heavy shed would otherwise sink and lean into the ground. Also, an elevated structure is less prone to water flowing in. Because the pieces are rather heavy, two or more people should be around to help with assembly. We will talk about several models of sheds in this guide.

Arrow Claremore Steel Sheds

With a massive 770 square feet, you'll have no problem storing your goods within this steel shed made by Arrow. The dimensions are 10 by 14 feet, providing plenty of room for garden tools, storage, and even a ride-on lawnmower. It pays to keep these things out of the elements, and the Claremore helps you to do just that. The baked on enamel finish eliminates the worry of rust or scratching. Because the enamel is baked on, it won't chip off or wear down like regular paint. To make sure you have easy access to your storage, the door is a generous 60 inches high and 55 inches wide. The angled ceiling serves two purposes. The first is to allow rainwater to flow off the roof harmlessly. The second is to allow for storage of long objects such as tree pruners. Also, a shed pull light can be stored out the way on the ceiling so you don't bump your head on it. Assembly is easy and can be done within a day or weekend.

Arrow Sheridan Vinyl Coated Steel Shed

Smaller than the previous example, this shed is still a big one. It is 10 feet long by 8 feet wide, great for a wide variety of needs. To help safeguard against weather damages, the entire exterior is coated with vinyl. As you may know, vinyl is a polymer material that is very durable. It is used in the manufacture of many products, including backpacks and patio covers. Arrow has gone the extra mile and put seven times the thickness of finish on this shed. Even tall people can maneuver within the shed with ease. The 7 foot tall roof allows for unimpeded movement within. The easy to assemble design gives every consumer access to a high quality shed. As with most large sheds, a foundation is highly recommended. A foundation is simply a solid surface in which to build the shed on. This can consist of either wood beams or concrete. It must be built to the width and length specifications in the user's manual. Without a foundation, the shed can sink, topple, bend or take on water.