Discovering infidelity signs is something that you should see, when you begin to know you partner more. Infidelity in a marriage is probably is bit easier to discover, since you're around your partner daily and live with them. Your partner will not be themselves, and it will show in how they act with you. Your instincts are important, but you still have to be sure and not jump to assumptions. Being paranoid and not trusting shouldn't be your motive. How they act can really vary, though. Infidelity happens for quite a few reasons, and it starts with something they feel they're not getting in the relationship anymore.

Things You Will Need

open mind
boyfriend, girlfriend, or husband/wife

Step 1

Emotional infidelity. It usually starts with emotional infidelity. This is when a person might not actually be physically engaged in an affair, but they seem to have a quite strong relationship with the opposite sex. It's hard to prove these things, because some can be casual. However, you can pick up signs on this. For instance if they happen to talk about them quite a bit, a little more than expected with realizing it. Or they seem to be spending quite a bit of time with them. A person tends to look for intimacy outside your current relationship. Sometimes it's not always just about having feelings also, it can just result in sharing inner thoughts with others, but not yourself. It's a sign that can definitely lead to infidelity with someone else down the road. Sharing intimacy with someone else, and not yourself, isn't a good sign.

Step 2

Neglecting you and even forgetting about you. A person who no longer seeks affection from you, especially physically. Although physically isn't the only way, because a relationship still needs an emotional level as well. Everyone needs that part, some have trouble of ever establishing that kind of relationship at all. They will seek other partners to try to find some way of expressing themselves, or getting comfort in some kind of way.

Step 3

The inability to tell the truth and they seem secretive. One who tends to hide from you, and not really tell you much. Lack of communication can easily be a sign of infidelity. Cheating is built on lies, and those lies should become obvious after awhile. Lies won't always add up, so take mental notes. If someone is not establishing communication with you, it's not going to stop there. If all the relationship has become is about sharing with each other physically, what makes you different from anyone else? Physical affection is a good thing, but can't be relied on alone. Anyone can give your partner physical affection too, so you're on an even playing field.

Step 4

Coming home at strange hours. Work can be an easy cop out for many, although no one works all the time. If you notice your partner coming home at very late hours, constantly, then cheating is definitely a strong possibility. You should test them, especially if you feel they're lying. Call them where they claim they're at work, or at a suppose friends. If they refuse to tell you where they are, then they are hiding something from you. Some people do tend to work a lot, but not spending much time with you is a sign that could, or is leading to infidelity.

Step 5

Study their character. I think most people, not everyone, who will commit in acts of infidelity result in two things. Either weak character and values, or they're a taker. Meaning they take from someone, more than they give to a person. Someone who is only consumed with themselves, and what matters to them. They tend to take little time to think, or have much regard of how others feel. They have the ability to want affection, but don't always look to truly give it. Not without a selfish motive involved for them.
Check credit card bills, phone records, anything that can lead to proof. They'll probably tend to try to hide these things from you, so you don't find out. You can decide to take time off of work, and see where they go on their lunch hour. If they tell you something that doesn't seem to make sense, then bring it up later and see if they remember. See if they can keep their stories in check. If their stories start to change, and they forget a lot, you'll know they're at least keeping something from you.

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