While holidaying in Egypt it's important to discover the true heritage and culture of the country; a great way of doing this is by getting stuck into some Egyptian food. The food you'll find in Egypt has its origins in Greek, Turkish, Lebanese, Palestinian and Syrian cuisine and has been adapted to become the Egyptian food we know today. Ingredients are most often fresh with many areas in the South offering something a little zestier due to the close ties with other forms of North African cuisine.

Street vendors

During your Egypt holiday many different eating options will be available to you, whether that's high end dining or more traditional street food from one of the many vendors. Don't be scared to try what's on offer from the street vendors; this can often be the most delicious and will really give you a taste of traditional Egyptian living.

Breads and dips

The mainstay of Egyptian cuisine is the bread or Aysh with the most common form being the pita, made with refined white or whole wheat flour. Aysh shams is bread made from leavened dough which is left to rise in the sun. Make sure you try this to get the authentic Egyptian experience. Egyptians enjoy stuffing their bread with many different fillings to add a variety and creativity to their cooking.

When dining out in Egypt you will be sure to enjoy a mezze of smaller dished served with drinks. This will include a variety of dips such as tihina, an oil paste of sesame seeds often mixed with oil and garlic and chilli. This can also be mixed with mashed aubergine and served as a dip which when combined with pita bread can create a delicious snack.

Shish kabobs

The most famous food of the everyday Egyptian in the street is the shish kabob. This is served either with or without skewers, most often lamb or chicken, and always served with the traditional accompaniments such as tahini, tomato salad, green vegetables and of course pita bread. The bread will always be whole wheat pita, coated with ground wheat and will often be served with a dipping sauce, tahini, humus or babaganoush. This is not only healthy and delicious but will also provide holiday makers with a uniquely Egyptian experience.

There are many other delicious options available while on Egypt holidays such as Torly – a mixed vegetable stew usually made with Lamb – and Kufta – ground lamb flavoured with spices and onions rolled long and narrow and then roasted. Truly a haven for delicious cuisine, you'll never want to leave.