The Discovery Kids adventure play tent and tunnel tube is a fantastic item for your child.  This would make a perfect ‘fort’ of sorts for any young boy or girl for their birthday, Christmas, or just because they are a good kid.  You will find the pricing very favorable on this item compared to other indoor tents for children.  The Discovery Kids adventure playhouse with tunnel tube would make a great gift.  In this article, I would like to share some information with you about the playhouse, including how much you will pay, the dimensions, where you can find them for sale, and some additional information you can use to make sure this is right for you and your child.

Product Dimensions

There are actually two pieces to this and they can be used separately, so I will list both of them here.

Tube:  The tube is 6 feet long and about 19 inches wide.  This is big enough for most toddlers to crawl through without too much trouble and long enough for more than one person to fit into at a time.  The sizing is great.

Dome Tent:  This part of the Discovery Kids Adventure play house is about 4 feet wide by 4 feet long, with a height of about 37 inches.   This is similar in size to most small children’s dome tents.  As long as your child is under 4 feet tall, they can comfortably sleep in it.

Overall:  When you put the two pieces together, the overall length is going to be about 10 feet.  This means it might not fit in a young toddler’s bedroom, if it is very small.  This is something you really need to keep in mind.  You will need to have an area with sufficient room for this to work, unless you plan on taking it outside during the day and bringing it back inside at night.  This would be a pain, but it might be worth it.

Suggested Ages:  The company suggests ages of 6 to 10 years old.  I would personally suggest that it could be used for younger children.  Most of the pictures you find on websites show children in the Discovery Kids Adventure play tent that are substantially younger than 6 years old.  I would assume this is done for liability purposes.  You will have to use good common sense when you try to decide if this is right for your toddlers.

Nylon Construction:  Like most other playhouse tents, this is made of nylon.  It is not waterproof, but is washable.  So, if it gets some food and drink spilled on it, which is likely to happen with young children, you can use a wet rag to clean it up.

Who Has It For Sale?

You will find the Discovery Kids adventure play tent and tunnel tube for sale in a number of different places.  If this is the right product for you, try shopping from these retailers and see who has the best deal on them.  Be sure you buy direct from the store or from a reputable online seller, so you don’t face any customer service issues.

Amazon:  You can find great deals on playhouses from Amazon.  You will find they are priced competitively and are sold from multiple providers, so you will need to look on this site for the best price.  I have seen them for under 25 dollars on Amazon, so use that as a benchmark when price shopping.

eBay:  There are at least two different sellers that have them for sale right now eBay, assuming you only want to buy new, not in used condition.  Pricing is similar to what it is at Amazon, with several sellers having them at various price points.  If you search around a little, you might find them for $20 or so, if you can win an auction.

Brick and Mortar Stores:  Kmart, Wal-Mart, Shopko, Target and many others are great places to look for the discovery kids adventure play tent and tunnel tube.  You can check out their online sites to compare prices, so you get the best deal possible.


There are some apparent limitations from a playhouse like this one that you might want to consider before you spend your hard-earned money on it.

Not Waterproof:  This item can certainly be used outdoors, but it is made primarily for indoor use.  The nylon is not waterproof, so you really should bring the unit indoors when not in use.  I would not suggest leaving it outside overnight, especially if there is rain in the forecast.  This will help ensure you playhouse lasts a lot longer and stays in good shape.

Size Requirements:  As noted, this thing is around 10 feet long when the two pieces are put together.  You will need to make sure you have sufficient room, especially if you plan to use it indoors.  If you plan to use it in the home, you have to make sure there is sufficient floor space to put the two pieces together.

Alternatives to Consider

As with any other item you will find for sale, you will have some alternatives to consider when you make your purchase.  The list below suggests some additional options you might want to keep in mind.

Plastic Playhouse:  You will find the Little Tykes playhouse for sale in the same places.  It is not as cheap, but is made of plastic, so it will be more durable and is more likely to last a long time to come.

Regular Dome Tent:  This will serve as a sufficient fort for your toddler.  They take up less room and most are waterproof, so they are better suited for outdoor, overnight use.

Cardboard:  You will find plenty of cardboard playhouses for young children on the market.  These are pretty cheap, but they should never be used outside.  The cardboard will not hold up to moisture very well, so it cannot be washed and should not be exposed direct sunlight.

You just might want to stick with a real Discovery Kids adventure play tent and tunnel tube for the toddler in your life.