Covers for breastfeeding exist primarily for social reasons, to relieve the mild discomfort strangers may feel near breastfeeding mothers. This is also often a benefit to mothers, who can't fully relax and enjoy the bonding experience with their baby if they feel others are watching or trying too hard not to watch. Because of this, nursing covers are marketed, simple cloth apron-like products that drape over baby and mother alike for added privacy.

Many families, and mothers in particular, are finding new ways to save money are necessary, such as through buying machine washable **prefolded cloth diapers** instead of disposable ones. Covers for breastfeeding serve a similar purpose, in that they can be cleaned and reused, and will resultingly last for a very long time. They're also very affordable in their prices. Most covers cost between twenty and forty dollars, and will last for years.

The cotton that almost all nursing covers are made of allows these products to be sturdy even through rough use. They are likely to last longer than any one baby's breastfeeding period, if treated well. Cotton also provides other advantages, but shoppers should stay away from blends that create inferior weaves from impure materials.

Nursing covers are filled with potential for artistic expression. They come in many bright colors and patterns, with particular emphasis on floral and abstract designs. However, for the mother who wishes to be low key, there are also more plain and humble covers.

Finding the right size in your covers (or **hooter hiders** as they're sometimes known) is not usually an issue. This is because these covers simply drape broadly over the body, and can therefore fit both a small body type and a large one with equal ease. You shouldn't feel the need to look for a particular size unless you have very specific wants or a somewhat extreme body type. For the most part, it's a 'one size fits all' market.

Necklines with rigidity instead of flexibility have a couple of uses for any nursing mother. Firstly, they allow more air to pass down to the baby, helping breathing. Secondly, they allow the mother to watch the baby instead of hiding her own child away with fabric between the two. Because of these benefits it's usually recommended to get a cover with this trait, especially since it doesn't cost more to do so.

People who need to make their purchases last for a long time will be glad to learn that nursing covers can serve many purposes. Even once breastfeeding is outgrown, your little one will still need a cover from the sun or a blanket to lay on during picnics. With a very little creativity one can continue to get use out of a thirty dollar cover for years and years.

Some unfortunate mothers buy a cover that looks good, but find that when it's time to wear the product, the strap is uncomfortable. The entire weight of the cover is supported on one's neck through that strap. Therefore, it can be considered the most important part of the product. Look for a strap that you can wear comfortably for hours at a time. Without that comfort, you're hindering breastfeeding not just for your own sake, but for your baby's as well.