"Early to bed,
Early to rise ,
Makes a man
Healthy, Wealthy and Wise"

This childhood rhyme makes the process of staying healthy seem so simple. Unfortunately not all of us are blessed with such perfect constitutions. There are a number of diseases and disorders that afflict us. Some of these are "Genetic" or programmed into our genes. These abnormalities are found in the chromosomes in our DNA. We get these conditions because some one in our family has suffered from the same disease. Some Genetic Diseases include Sickle Cell Anemia, Hemophilia, mental retardation amongst others.

Other diseases are caused due to Environmental Factors. You may get an infection which is airborne or water borne, which is to say that the disease causing pathogen travels via the air or water in your immediate environment to you to make you fall sick. Some common airborne infections are respiratory illnesses such as the flu, or a head cold. Water borne diseases would include killers such as Cholera and Typhoid. These are spread though contaminated water and are more likely to occur when hygiene conditions can not be maintained. For instance in overcrowded refugee camps.

Many of these are what the doctors call "lifestyle" diseases. These are disorders such as obesity, hypertension, and diabetes. Although there is a claim that these diseases are also influenced by genetic factors, essentially they may remain dormant if you have a healthy lifestyle. Here you can discover what problems exactly the disease will cause and get some tips to counter act them. Most lifestyle diseases can be controlled by using two simple tools, healthy food and adequate exercise. However this is easier said than done for most people afflicted by these diseases.

What is the way to deal with a disease? Naturally first you must identify it. This is the diagnosis made by the doctor after he has a look at your test results. The symptoms of the disease sometimes are enough to diagnose it, on the other hand specialized tests may be needed to diagnose some diseases. After the diagnosis you will be prescribed medication to counter the ill effects of the disorder. Many symptoms may disappear at this stage, however it is not too uncommon to have side effects because of the medication that is prescribed.

After the disease has run its course the prognosis is examined by the doctor. The outcome of treatment depends on a number of factors including timely diagnosis and correct medication. Some diseases get cured completely while others merely go into recession for a while before they attack the body again. And then there are some diseases which are fatal from the moment you contract them. There is no known cure for such diseases and one can only give temporary relief from the symptoms to the patients. Having being diagnosed with Cancer, HIV or AIDS, a Paralytic Stroke or Cardiac Arrest will prove fatal.

So how does one stay healthy? Each disease has a trigger which quick starts it. If you are genetically prone to some diseases you can take measures to keep the triggers under control. For instance if your parents have diabetes, you are more likely to get it. So make sure you don't eat too much sugar and get plenty of exercise. At the same time maintaining basic hygiene will also result in keeping many pathogens at bay. Exercise will also help boost your body's immune system making you less susceptible to falling ill. It is all common sense really, but the tough part is actually implementing it.