What secrets are kept from you?

Living in a modern society comes with a lot of benefits. Most of the things you require for your basic needs can be found in the local supermarket. However, it is a well-known fact that each industry has its own dirty secrets but as it turns out, the food and beverage conglomerates have reached a level of shamelessness we can hardly comprehend. They are responsible for placing disgusting foods in the supermarket near you. Let's take a quick look at some of these foods.


1. Oatmeal containing heavy metals

You are familiar with those instant-oatmeal packets, maybe you even had one before. They are usually marketed as “healthy” but as it turns out, they are not... big surprise here. They are sweetened with HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) which, according to studies, is contaminated with mercury. An study conducted by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy showed that from 55 tested samples, more than a third had mercury levels three times higher that the average a person should have per day.


2. Dirty shrimp

Food safety experts claim that shrimp can be considered the dirtiest of seafood that reaches our local supermarkets. As it turns out, less than 2% of imported shrimp is properly inspected which as big problem. Just consider the following contaminants: cleaning chemicals used in shrimp farms, toxic pesticide residue, antibiotics, insects, parasites, insects and only God knows what else. No wonder you get stomach cramps after a shrimp cocktail.


3. Lettuce dressed with rocket fuel

It might sound ridiculous to you but we are not joking here... we are rocket fuel serious. California is a state which produces a lot of lettuce all year long. However, the lettuce there is irrigated with water coming from the Colorado river. The Environmental Protection Agency there claims that the Colorado River is contaminated with perchlorate (used for creating rocket fuel and known for harming thyroid function). Plants have no problem with absorbing whatever there is in the soil they grow in so the picture is clear. Another independent study showed that more than 50% of store-bought winter lettuce is perchlorate positive.

Canned food(123725)

4. Pregnancy hormones in cans of food

So, there is this chemical known called Bisphenol-A and it can act as estrogen once in the body. This chemical was synthesized more than 70 years ago and its purpose was to promote healthy pregnancies. However, it was never used as a drug but the food industry decided to put in a wide range of products – mostly those in plastic containers and canned food linings. Studies show that long term low levels of exposure to BPA lead to a wide range of effects on health, including damage to reproductive organs, cardiovascular disease, and behaviour abnormalities in children.

Ground meat

5. The “pink slime”

It is marketed as “lean, finely textured beef” but it is just a mixture of fatty parts and waste meat. The “waste” meat is treated with ammonia gas to kill the usual suspects E. coli and Salmonella. Then it is used as filler to ground meat. It used as a filler to sausages, hot dogs, and other guilty pleasures as well.

Toxic Cleaners

6. Toxic cleaning products

Most cleaning products are marketed as the best solutions for dealing with all kinds of stains and messes at home. However, what the ads conveniently avoid to address is whether or not these products are safe for use. They contain a lot of harsh chemicals that are bad for your health and the environment. Studies show that long term exposure to such chemicals is actually extremely harmful and can lead to a variety of health problems including cancer.