If you are looking for some great craft ideas, then check out these ideas. Dish towels are a staple in the kitchen. They are usually front and center hanging off the front of the stove, or a cabinet handle. They are used for many things in the kitchen, and you can never have enough of them. Drying dishes were always their main use, but now you can create some great dish towel craft ideas to jazz up your kitchen.


But you can also create some cool ideas, from this little kitchen staple. That innocent cloth, or tea towel can become something totally different. Here is a list of great craft ideas for young children up to adults, everyone can have fun with this affordable craft.

You can purchase these in the dollar store or discount department store in bundles, and in many designs, or you can get them plain white or other colors.

Quick Tote Bag

Just by taking two, and sewing them together you can create a great tote bag. Add a handle made from rope, or canvas, or any leftover crafts you might have and you have a tote for shopping. You can take this idea further by purchasing 4 of the same pattern and using twodish towel craft ideas as a liner, so that the tote bag is thick and sturdy. You can make these any size, by folding them.


 Take one, and turn lengthwise, and sew on a pretty ribbon, long enough to tie around your back. You can get more creative and add a pocket or two. You can also sew a couple of these together for a larger apron.

Dog toy

This is a great way to deal with older ones that you are done with. Wash and dry them and then braid them together for your dog to chew on. This is a great way to recycle them.

Gift Idea

Purchase a plain colored one, and take a permanent marker, and write on a recipe or a poem for someone. This makes a great gift. You can use a stencil for special writing styles. Try to fold it the way you would have it hanging so that you know where to write your recipe or poem. Then your friend will always have it on hand, even after washing.

Gift Wrapping

 You can actually use dollar store dish towels as great wrapping paper for kitchen themed gifts, especially the gift basket ideas. It can work out cheaper than wrapping paper and then is totally reusable after. There are so many nice patterned ones, that using them to wrap a gift is a great way to reduce waste.


More Ideas with Dish Towels

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here are some more great ideas.

Decorate with Paint

 This one is fun for kids. Cut a potato in half or an apple, and then dip the half into some bright colored fabric paint and then stamp on a plain white one. You can quite often get the plain ones from the dollar store. Just make sure to protect the table, and maybe take an older dish rag or apron and wrap it around your child as a bib to keep clean with this type of project.

Many fabric paints require you to heat set them once dry with the iron, and then they will not come off during washing. This way preserving your art for a good long time! This is a great way to display your child's art.

Pillow Cover

 If you can find patterns that you like such as stripes and you have a beach theme going on outside on your patio, you can sew two of these together leaving one side open to add a pillow form, and then sew on some Velcro tabs so that you can wash your pillow cover anytime easily. These make great decorative pillows for your outside furniture.

Cat Nip Pillows

 Take a brightly colored striped one and cut into 3 inch squares. Sew two squares together, leaving a small opening to pour in some catnip, either homegrown or the loose store bought. Then sew the opening closed. I make these, but when I cut them out I use scalloped scissors, but you can use any decorative scissor shape, and then sew them with the seams showing their scalloped edges. I allowed a 1/2 inch seam allowance. One dish towel can make quite a few cat nip pillows. Great gifts for the pet lover.

This is also a great way to use up old towels, if you are ready to replace yours, as you can just cut the squares out of the less worn areas, which are usually near the edges.


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Toaster Cover

 If you can sew, and have any craft patterns, then this one is a bit more advanced, but dish towels that are the same pattern throughout the kitchen are a cheap way to jazz up your kitchen. You can get sewing patterns for toaster covers, tea cozies and more. By using  tea towels for the fabric, you can create a theme in the kitchen. A friend of mine purchased blue and white striped ones and created all kinds of covers and crafts for the kitchen, plus added two at the stove of the same pattern. Here kitchen was blue, and this really jazzed it up. The supplies were cheap, yet the result was stunning.

Craft Ideas 

Household items can make great crafts, and can be quite cheap. These are just a few dish towel craft ideas, hopefully I have inspired you to come up with more ideas. They wash well, and have finished seams on all sides, making them great for quick crafts.

I should mention that the heavier cotton ones work best, not the terry towel ones, although I am sure there are some great craft ideas to use them for. The above work best with the cotton ones.