Few brands capture the Christmas spirit the way Disney does. It's why Disney Christmas decorations have been a global favorite for decades. They have a nostalgic, and yet modern and playful appeal that is beloved by the young and old alike. If you're looking for some of that magic for your home, read on. Here you'll see a few of the more popular types of Disney Christmas decorations and a bit on the prices for them on store shelves.

Disney Christmas Decorations: Two Magical Worlds Colliding

Santa Mickey and Minnie Mouse Christmas OrnamentThe Christmas holiday and Disney, they both have something magical about them. And when you pair them together, it sure is a sight to see.

Christmas decorations featuring your favorite Disney characters have been a family holiday staple for many years. It's a powerful seasonal brew mixing together nostalgia and playfulness with family, giving, and love. Kids and parents alike love these decorations, and because of their mass appeal, it's an easy decorating style for young families to enjoy. There's many budget-friendly options. 

And there's also quality choices for the Disney connoisseur. Many Disney collectibles are available, some hand-crafted, meant to adorn even the most contemporary of homes. These make great Disney Christmas gifts for those people in your life that just have a soft spot for these magical characters.

Varieties of Christmas Disney Decorations

No matter what style you're looking for, there's more than likely a Disney Christmas decoration to fit your need. They come in all sorts of varieties. Below are some of the most popular that you'll find available.

Disney Christmas tree ornaments

Jim Shore Disney Traditions - Snow White & 7 Dwarfs Ornament SetThere are many excellent ornaments out there. In fact, nearly every character has a set, from the Disney princesses to Mickey Mouse himself. They range from budget-friendly plastic ornaments to hand-crafted porcelain works of art. Many of the latter are limited edition runs released for specific holiday seasons, making them a highly sought after collectible.

Disney Eeyore in Santa Hat Christmas Airblown Inflatable Eyeore by Gemmy Winnie the Pooh FriendDisney outdoor inflatables

Imagine having a yard filled with a cast of great Disney characters, all of whom light up at night to wow the kids in your home and around the neighborhood. Outdoor inflatable Disney characters are a ton of fun, and many self-inflate, so you don't need to spend hours blowing up your troop.

Disney Christmas tree toppers

Why go with only a simple star atop your Christmas tree? Why not have an entire Disney character entourage ringing in the season? A Disney tree topper adds just the right amount of fun to your Christmas tree look.


Mickey And Friends Merry Christmas Decorative Flag by The Hamilton Collection

Disney decorative Christmas flags

These are an excellent way to welcome guests to your home. Hanging a few outdoors and placing some on your interior walls helps tie together your Disney look for the holidays.

An Old Fashioned Disney Christmas Musical Snowglobe Showcasing 13 Classic Characters by The Bradford Exchange

Disney Christmas globes

There are few Christmas decorations as nostalgic and lovely as Christmas globes, and adding Disney to them makes them even more special. Kids will love to play with these globes, but they also make excellent gifts for adult Disney fans.

Disney Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse 7 Inch Mini Satin Christmas Stockings Set

Disney Christmas stockings

Talk about fun. These stockings, featuring your favorites from Disney movies from every generation, will be a welcome sight for the kids on Christmas day.

Disney Christmas figurines

Disney Traditions by Jim Shore 4016565 Mickey Dressed as Santa Holding a Wreath Figurine, 9.5 InchThink of them like ornaments that go on your tables and everyday furniture. These are a fun way to layer your Disney style around your home during the holidays.

Disney Christmas Decoration Prices

There's a big range of prices due to the big range of decorations out there. But when it comes down to it: no matter what your Christmas decorating budget is, there are Disney decorations out there for you. You'll find lots of decorations from $5 to $10, like many of the Christmas ornaments, figurines, and basic Christmas stockings. Disney snow globes and Christmas flags typically range from $20 to $40. And the outdoor inflatables and Christmas tree toppers normally fall between $50 and $100.

Limited Edition 2011 Disney Princess Christmas Ornament SetIf you're looking into limited edition Disney decorations, the prices can be more (sometimes up to $20 per ornament), but, as these limited editions tend to be extremely beautiful and intricate, their prices are often worth it.

The holidays and Disney fit like hand and glove, and these Disney Christmas decorations help bring the pairing to life in your home. They make the season extra special, especially if you have kids. A home decorated with Disney is a fun home to be in during the holidays.