Disney cruises cover an amazingly wide range of destinations and world regions including Alaska and the Pacific coast, the Bahamas, Canad and New England, the Carribean, Europe, Hawaii and even the Mexican Riviera and Panama Canal. It's no wonder that so many families want to spend their vacations on a Disney cruise. Naturally, there are plenty of people looking for Disney cruise specials as well, in hopes of getting their cruise line tickets as cheaply as possible. Here are some tips on getting special discounts on your Disney cruise packages. 

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Timing is Everything

When it comes to grabbing the best possible rates on your disney cruise, the timing of when you book your voyage is really important. All the major cruise lines have a special window of time each year that they consider to be their best. During this period, they will typically offer the best rates in an effort to undersell and beat-out their competition while securing as many passengers as possible. When is this magical time period, you ask? 

It's from January through March. If you can book your Disney cruise during these months, you'll notice that the price per ticket will drop dramatically. In fact, cruise lines will actually make a significant portion of their entire year's ticket sales, up to 35% within this window. If you can make your vacation times line up with these booking dates, you can get seriously cheap Disney cruise ticket prices. Meanwhile, if you can prepare yourselves to travel during off-peak times, you'll not only get a better deal but you'll notice that you get more peace and quiet on deck. If possible, avoid major public holidays and school holidays, because you can bet these will be slammed. 

Adding Up Special Bonus Disney Discounts: 

One easy way to knock some money off your room charges is to book online. Going through Disney's own cruise line website will get you $25 off each stateroom you reserve online. This is especially helpful for larger families or groups traveling together. 

Florida residents can take advantage of special rates that run within the month of February. For example, this year February 13th to February 19th each Florida resident will pay $175 per night for the economy accomodations. 

Likewise, active duty military personnel can take advantage of special rates for their whole family. However, these rate adjustments are also subject to limited timing, so frequently checking the Disney cruise website can be a good way to ensure you don't miss out. For this year, military personnel who can present active duty papers are also being booked in at lower rates between February 13th and 19th. 

But just how much money can you expect to pay for each of your family members if you're going to make a full vacation out of it? 

Usually, you'll end up seeing Disney Cruise special prices like $474 to $550 for a simple cabin for 3 nights to the Bahamas and back, to give you a ballpark figure. Room upgrades can considerably add to the cost, such as oceanview exterior facing cabins and rooms with balconies. 

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