Who can forget the very first Disney film that they enjoyed as a child? The effect that quality entertainment can have on a young child can be unforgettable -- the kind of experience that will last a lifetime. For many people, this enjoyment can continue indefinitely with a membership at the Disney Movie Club.

The <A HREF="disney_dvd_club">Disney DVD Club</A> allows Disney film fans of all ages to build a family entertainment library of VHS, DVD or Blu-Ray disc feature films that they can enjoy in the comfort of their own home. These movies, which have impacted millions of children's lives, become on demand entertainment that a family can enjoy any time that they like.

Do you remember your first Disney movie?

More than 75 years ago, one man with a dream, Walt Disney created an animated mouse character that he dubbed Mortimer. Mortimer was rambunctious and fun loving. His pleasures were simple and he behaved in a simple, childlike manner. Mortimer was given life on the animation table by Mr. Disney who provided the character with his distinctive voice.

It was suggested to Walt that Mortimer was a bit of a mouth full of a name for a children's character. After some deliberation, Mortimer the Mouse became Mickey Mouse. And history was born. Since that day there have been dozens of feature length films produced and distributed by Walt Disney studios. Even though Walt was passed away long ago, the Disney name remains the ultimate in family entertainment.

The reason that Disney films have endured to the extent that they have is that each is imbued with a time tested principles and values that the entire family can enjoy. Walt Disney set out to make enjoyable, kid-friendly entertainment that would stand the test of time and, it is hard to argue with the results. Today, Disney most movies have endured the years and decades since their first release and many remain children's classics.

Times have changed to some degree, but the Disney name has endured. In fact, today most widely released feature films are chock full of violence, profanity and gratuitous special effects. The thing that has separated, and continues to Disney films, from the pack has been their commitment to timeless stories about hope, adventure and overcoming obstacles. With so many films being released today with PG-13 and R ratings, their remains a market for G-rated family friendly fare. Disney serves this market by offering their DVDs for home purchase via their Disney DVD club.

Most of the titles in the video library are available through the rental club (though a few have yet to be released) and the cost for membership is quite affordable. Disney DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs are likely to remain popular for the foreseeable future. And, as new Disney films are produced and released, the number of titles in the library continues to grow.

Family entertainment certainly runs in cycles. There are years when the most popular DVDs are science fiction blockbusters and other years when comedies take the first place prize. The one constant is that Disney DVDs remain, year after year, as best bets for families looking for entertainment for the entire family.

With a full slate of movies scheduled for release this year, it will be exciting to see what new adventures are created by the Mouse House. The Disney company has come a long way since the days of Mortimer mouse, and it seems certain that the best in family entertainment is yet to come.