Disney dog costumes are a big hit on both Halloween and year-round. They are a popular choice because they represent characters that people have known in love for years and even decades. Which outfit you choose for your pooch should be based on a couple of different things. One, you can never go wrong by choosing your favorite character or the favorite character of your child or grandchild. Other things to consider are if you have a male or female dog, their size, their personality, and how tolerant they are of costumes.

Mickey Mouse Dog CostumeThe most popular Disney dog costumes are definitely Mickey Mouse for boy dogs and Minnie Mouse for girl dogs. Since Mickey is such an iconic character, people with female dogs will often go for this costume over one of Minnie Mouse. The best thing about this Mickey Mouse dog costume is that it works great if you have two dogs-a boy and a girl. People will love seeing them out as a couple for Halloween or whenever you decide to have some fun and dress them up. They both come in two main parts. There is the vital headpiece that has the mouse ears (and the ribbon for Minnie) and the outfit that covers the rest of their body.

IGoofy Dog Costumef you have a pooch that is a bit goofy, you might want to buy the Goofy costume for your dog. This classic character is almost as recognizable as Mickey and Minnie. This outfit seems to work especially well for larger animals. It comes with the tall green hat and the orange and black top. Since Mickey and Goofy are best friends, this is a good pick if you own two dogs.

Eeyore Dog Costume (24700)Another loveable character to consider is Eeyore, from Winnie the Pooh. Eeyore is known for having a depressed nature. Hopefully your dog is a lot more cheerful. But the contrasting personalities is one thing that makes this pick so adorable. It has the floppy blue ears and a blue cape with a tail attached.

Snow White Dog CostumeMany people treat their canines like royalty. These folks will love the Disney princess costumes for dogs that are available. These aren't some cheap looking costumes. A dog of any size or breed can wear these, but they are most popular with smaller lap dogs. Two officially licensed products include the Snow White dog costume and the Cinderella dog costume. One thing that is really fun about these is if you have a daughter or a granddaughter who enjoys playing dress up. The girl can dress up as a princess and have a dog to match. This makes for funny photographs that you will cherish for many years.

All of these characters are classics, but you can also go more contemporary. They are always releasing new movies and while the old favorites won't die, the most popular characters will end up with costumes for both children and dogs. One example of this is the Mr Incredible Halloween costume for dogs, from the movie The Incredibles.

No matter what you decide to go with, try to make sure that your canines are comfortable in their Disney dog costumes. Make sure you get the right size and don't keep them on your pet for too long of a period. But do make sure to take plenty of photographs.