One of the Top Halloween 2016 Costumes Will Be Princess Anna from Frozen

One of the top 10 Halloween costumes in 2016 for kids will be Anna from Disney’s Frozen. The movie has become a worldwide phenomena and has grossed nearly one billion dollars since it’s release in late November 2013.

This movie idea, which is loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen’s tale called The Snow Queen, actually was decades in the making. Walt Disney himself toyed with the idea of turning this into a feature film, but when he died, the idea was dropped. Over the ensuing decades, other filmmakers talked about turning this fairy tale into an animated feature, but were continually stuck by how evil Elsa, the Snow Queen, was.

When the movie was finally in production, massive rewrites were done as far into the project as February 2013, as it just wasn’t coming together as it had been imagined. After making the necessary fixes and showing two separate audiences, one family and one adult, a partial preview, producers knew they were on the right track.

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Who is Princess Anna?

Anna is the younger of the two sisters, and cannot remember the terrible accident that nearly killed her. Because this accident was due to older sister Elsa’s uncontrollable powers, Elsa was locked away in her room for years. Anna took the isolation personally, and no one ever spoke the truth.

When it was Elsa’s coronation day and the kingdom was open just for one day, Anna meets Prince Hans and a series of events occurs that will take movie goers through a full range of emotions-including surprise.

Anna is a true heroine because she sets out on her own to find her sister. Although Kristoff does come along to help her, she is fiesty enough to do this without needing to lean on a man. She accepts Kristoff’s help because it is the practical thing to do.



This is the outfit that Princess Anna wore when she was searching for her sister, Elsa. It is a knee length dress with a purple ruffled skirt./  The apron layer is electric blue with large stems and magenta hued flowers.  The black bodice has swirls of green and a triangle of magenta that matches the flowers on the skirt.  The sky blue sleeves are long and sheer, and this is also seen on the neck.

For the First Time in Forever

Another Version of the Frozen Princess Anna Costume for Dress Up and Pretend Play

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 Here is a dress that is similar in style to one above.  It has a satin skirt that has a magenta glitter design that runs around the circumference of the skirt.  There are green and magenta glitter flowers.  This is an accent that girls will go crazy for because most little girls (and many women) love things that glitter and shine!

The bodice in this Princess Anna costume is deep purple, with flowers and stems swirling on it. This accent is also glittery like on the skirt.  The bodice and square neckline are trimmed in gold, one of the royal colors. The sky blue triangle at the top is framed in gold and has a picture of Anna dressed for winter and staring at the sky.

Finally, the long white sleeves are trimmed in magenta to match the skirt and bodice.

Anna Frozen Fever Costume for Adults

Why should kids have all the fun? Many adults love to get dressed up in favorite characters just like children do.

In the spring of 2015, Disney released a long-awaited sequel to Frozen entitled Frozen Fever. Not a full length feature, this animated short was all of seven minutes, but it delighted audiences worldwide. 

In this featurette, the royal sisters were wearing clothing that was lighter and brighter, as it was the season of spring in their kingdom of Arendelle. Naturally, there are costumes to go along with the change. 



This bright and colorful sunflower Princess Anna Cosplay costume for women comes in sizes X-Small to XX-Large, so women and men of any size can easily fit into it. 

Disney Frozen Anna Wig

What a great price!

Disney's Frozen Anna Child Wig
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This wig is long, braided and red, with the ice mark on the right side and throughout the braid that Elsa accidentally left on her sister when they were little girls. This completes the costume and it has beautiful pink ribbons that match the dress.