Created Disney Frozen Themed Cupcakes for Your Next Party

For parents, planning a birthday party for their son or daughter can be a daunting task. First, you have the big decision of a home party or a party at a high priced venue. Even if you can afford the indoor party place, will it permit you to have extra children…and at what cost?

Then, there is the guest list. Whom should you invite-the entire class or only boys or girls? Will there be tag-a-longs who will spoil things if they cannot participate in the activities?

Then there is the theme. Children love to have paper goods, party favors and food that is tied to their favorite character of the moment.

If your child is like millions of others, then s/he has fallen in love with Disney’s Frozen, the billion dollar grossing movie that breathed life into the film studio’s bank account. Princess Elsa, Princess Anna, Sven the reindeer, Kristoff and Olaf have captured the hearts and imaginations of preschoolers to adults.

If you are planning a birthday party for your child and want to have a them, here are some Disney Frozen cupcake ideas that will make dessert a delightful experience.

Cupcakes versus Cake-Which Should You Serve?

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During the first years of my mothering experience, there was a lot of mompetition in regard to where you purchased your child’s birthday cake. Now while it makes sense to get a gooey gourmet delight for an adult celebration, I never could comprehend the reasoning behind spending fifty dollars or more on a sheet cake that no child is really going to eat (and we are talking 1990’s dollars here).

The cake was not really to wow the child, but the other moms in attendance. I always purchased my cake at the supermarket, because it was easier and cheaper than the local bakery.

As my daughter got older, I attended birthday parties out of this particular circle of mothers. One mom had the audacity to serve-gasp!-homemade cupcakes at her daughter’s party!

I was inspired.

From that point forward, I only baked my own cupcakes for my daughter’s birthday parties. She got to decorate her own before the party and then she helped me frost the others.

When my twins were in preschool, I skipped the fancy cake thing and went straight to cupcakes. Being an older mom gave me perspective that if people were going to judge me based on my bakery treat, I did not need them in my life.

Disney Frozen Cupcake Rings and Baking Cups

24 Disney Frozen Cupcake Rings & 24 Baking Cups
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Creating a themed cupcake is easy with this decorating set. It comes with 24 baking cups and rings that are easily inserted into the frosting. Kids just adore these, as it is an extra goody to take home from the party. The rings feature the characters from the movie, as well as the Disney logo.

How to Make an Olaf Cupcake

The Benefits of Serving Cupcakes Instead of Cake at a Children's Party

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Serving cupcakes is so much easier on the party mom than serving a sheet cake.

First of all, most kids do not eat the cake you serve. A very wise preschool teacher told me years ago that all parent has to do is bring in a tub of frosting and spoons and the kids would be happy.

Based on my personal experience, that is true. Kids eat the frosting and leave most, if not all, the cake behind. I have seen dozens of pieces of cake tossed over the years, and as a person who love sweets, that just breaks my heart.

Another reason to serve cupcakes is that you can offer your guests a variety of flavors. Most kids like vanilla or chocolate, so you can bake or buy two batches. Purchasing a sheet cake that has both increases the cost, as the bakery now has to bake two cakes instead of one.

Cupcakes also are properly portioned serving sizes that are basically uniform. I have Disney Frozen Cupcake IdeasCredit: heard a child at a party say “No fair! Her cupcake is bigger than mine!”, but I have heard that complaint when someone gets a larger piece of cake.

With cupcakes, you can forget about the forks and serving utensils and simply hand out a treat to each child.

Even if you are a novice baker, you can create a themed cupcake easily, as the frosting canvas is significantly smaller. Young children are easily impressed by sprinkles and frosting.

For Frozen themed cupcakes, you can buy snowflake sprinkles to top over blue tinted icing. Or simply add a themed cupcake ring and you are done.  It really isn't complicated!

Another Version of an Olaf Cupcake

Disney Frozen themed cupcakes will be a hit at your child's next birthday party, slumber party, or even a family get together with the younger cousins.