A Top 10 Halloween Costume for 2016 Will Be Disney's Frozen Princess Elsa

When Disney went into production of the movie Frozen back in 2011, the creators might have envisioned a big hit, but not the mega monster smash that it has become. Since it’s premiere on Thanksgiving weekend 2013, Disney’s 53rd animated feature is closing in on one billion dollars gross. As of February 2014, it grossed over 900 million, and it has yet to be released on DVD and Bluray.

The film won the Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature and won two Oscars-one for Best Animated Feature Academy Award and the other for Best Original Song for Let It Go.

Why has this movie captivated both children and adults around the world?

First of all, it is as good a movie as the Disney golden years of the 1990’s, where movies like The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Mulan and Tarzan ruled the big screen. The music and plot line of all of these films enchanted both adults and children, the one-two punch the box office needs to for repeat visits to the theater.

Once you have hooked the parents, they will not mind going back to see this kind of movie again. And again. When you hear adults humming the tunes as you walk out of the theater, then you know that you have hit a home run.

A successful movie like Frozen also means selling movie tie-in merchandise, such as books, toys and dress up costumes.

Let It Go-Elsa is Now Free to Be Her Authentic Self

Who Is Princess Elsa?

Elsa and Anna are princesses who live in the kingdom or Arendelle. As children, they are very close and the older sister, Elsa, loves to play with her sister and show off her magical powers. For some unexplained reason, Elsa was born with the ability to conjure of snow, wind, ice and anything else related to winter. In fact, she is the one who crates the lovable Olaf, the snowman who provides much comic relief in the movie.

In an accident, Elsa almost kills Anna with her powers. After visiting the Valley of the Living Rock, the trolls remove all trace of this memory from Anna and Elsa is permanently separated from her sister. While this seems like a good thing in the eyes of their parents, it causes a wound between the girls that only grows worse with time, as Anna does not understand why her sister will not see her.

After their parents die, another tragic event unfolds and Elsa runs away. Anna chases after her and the rest of the movie shows how family is forever, no matter what happens.

Girls Frozen Elsa Costume - Disney


This Elsa costume is one interpretation of the dress that was worn in the movie.  This below the knee dress is a gorgeous ice blue with a snowflake pattern over the outer skirt.  The sheer sleeves and white neckline compliment the blue dress that has a satin bodice and shirt.  The belt is adjustable and it comes with the golden tiara with a blue stone in the center.

Another Version of the Disney Elsa Halloween Costume

This is a number one best seller

Disney Frozen Enchanting Dress - Elsa, 4-6X
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This dress is beautiful from head to toe. With several shades of blue and white to contrast it, your little one will look like a wintry dream. The dark blue skirt has a layer of tulle over it that is decorated with snowflakes. There is a dark blue belt in the center and a light blue bodice. The dark blue tulle rose at the neckline has a cameo of Elsa on it. The sleeves are 3/4 in length.

Elsa Frozen Fever Costume for Women

Elsa Frozen Fever Costume for WomenCredit: www.amazon.com

Fans could not get enough of their favorite Arendelle residents, so in March of 2015, a seven minute movie short entitled Frozen Fever was released. It was shown before the live action version of Cinderella 2015 and audiences lapped it up.

Halloween costumes are not just for kids-adults like to get in on the action as well. This cosplay Elsa Frozen Fever costume for women is tailor made for your measurements-just send them in when you place your order.

Frozen Fever Costume for Girls

This priced to sell version of the newest outfit from Elsa will have your little girl feeling like the queen she is meant to be! It has a zipper on the back so it is easy to take on and off. The cape is gorgeous and really makes the costume complete. Just add some sparkly shoes and your little one is good to go!

Elsa Dress Up Wig

Jager Online Long Blond Hair Wig for Kids with Style and Tips Guide Ebook
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Long, blonde and braided, this beautiful wig is exactly the hairstyle of the movie heroine. Add the tiara to make her look like her royal highness.