A Disney Frozen LED Watch for Girls Is Both Pretty and Practical

It’s about time!

Disney is well know for it’s lead characters who are princesses who are damsels in distress. With the exception of Mulan, who was a warrior and not a princess, the female leads have always needed a man to rescue her. Even Belle, the first heroine to show that she was intelligent as well as beautiful, needed Beast to save her near the end of the film.

These “role models” also made decisions with great haste. For example, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Snow White all married princes whom they did not know. In Disney’s Frozen, Princess Elsa will not bless the impending marriage of her sister, Princess Anna, to Prince Hans. She was incredulous that she would marry a man she had only known for a few hours. In fact, it is running joke throughout the film that Anna made this really dumb decision…it is almost a wink to the princesses of the past.

So it is about time that Disney created a female lead character who, despite her hasty decision in marital choices, decides to find her sister and return her home no matter what the cost. She does not ask for a man’s help at the beginning of her quest-she just does what feels right and natural-saving her sister.

Disney has created a lot of merchandise to tie in with the hit movie, Frozen, and the latest to hit the stores is something that is not only practical, but is fun to wear.

Frozen LED Digital Watch Featuring Princesses Anna and Elsa

Disney Frozen Watch for GirlsCredit: www.amazon.com


This is a watch that all girls are going to want to own.  It features the strong and brave Princess Anna, who sets out on her quest to find her sister and bring her home so she can help end the perpetual winter that has befallen their kingdom of Arendelle.

This plastic watch is perfect for children under the age of seven for many reasons.  First, it is digital.  It is not developmentally appropriate for most children younger than this to be able to tell time on an analog clock, with the exception of the hour and half hour increments.  The face is large and has both of the main characters on it,  Anna and Elsa, and it also has their names written on it.  

The white face is surrounded by a pink circle accent, and this color is carried throughout the design of the watch.  There is a hint of silver, which reminds those wearing it of the frozen winter weather that is prominent in the movie.  

There is a removable charm of Anna.  The watch band is 5.5 inches to 7 inches and is adjustable. It also comes with an instruction manual so the correct time can be set.

Yes, it is about time that your daughter has a role model that is strong, resilient and can admit her mistakes when she is wrong.

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What time is it? It is time to watch Frozen! This billion dollar hit movie is a runaway hit with adults and children. It garnered two Oscars, one for Best Animated Feature Film and the other for best Original Song for "Let It Go". If you haven't seen it, this movie is worth owning!