Disney Winter Boots Featuring the Characters from Frozen are Hot This Winter!

It seems that Disney has hit pure gold with its 53rd animated feature film, Frozen.  The movie, which takes place in the fictitious kingdom of Arendelle, focuses on the story of Elsa, who possess a power over which she has no control.  This force almost kills her younger sister, Anna.  Due to this unfortunate accident, Elsa is locked away until the death of both of her and Anna’s parents.

The kingdom is opened for one day only-Elsa’s Coronation Day. The sisters have had no interaction over the years, and when they do meet again, their sisterly feelings resurface. But when Anna tells Elsa she is going to marry Hans, a man she just met a few hours earlier, the Queen unwittingly unleashes her powers.  Arendelle becomes a state of perpetual winter.  Anna must find Elsa, who has run away, to make things right again.

The movie, of course, has a typical happy ending. For Disney, the ending is even sweeter, as the movie and related merchandise has earned the company well over one billion dollars to date, and that number continues to climb.

Everything related to Frozen sells out just as soon as it hits the store shelves.  The newest item that is on many girls’ must have” list are Disney Frozen winter boots.

Anna Goes Shopping for Winter Gear

What to Look for When Buying Winter Boots for Children

If you live in a climate where snow is normal during the winter season, then winter boots are a must have item in your child’s wardrobe.  There are two kinds of boots that you can buy.  There are fashion boots that are meant to be worn indoors and for brief forays outside.  These are not necessarily waterproof, although most are. Fashionable winter boots are meant to not only keep you looking in style, but more importantly, they have to keep your feet warm. Otherwise, what is the point of wearing them?

Disney Frozen Winter Boots for GirlsCredit: www.amazon.com

This pair of Frozen winter boots for girls is stylish and will keep feet warm, as it has a faux fur lining inside. However, this is not meant for outdoor play in heavy snow.

The other kind of winter boots available are not really stylish at all.  They snow boots, and the name says it all.  They are meant to be worn outside in the snow! This kind are waterproof, have better traction on the soles and keep feet warm while children go sledding or build a snowman.

When shopping for children’s boots, particularly for girls, you will more than likely be buying one kind of each boot.

Winter boots need to be easy to put on and off.  No one wants to struggle trying to squeeze a foot and calf in-it can cause tears of frustration in a younger child.  Being able to do things by yourself fosters independence in your child-that, “Look, I did it myself!” feeling.

You also want to be aware of how many snaps, laces and closures a boot has.  Older children can do this by themselves while younger children will need assistance.  Depending on how busy your mornings are, you may want to opt for the easier option.

For snow boots, make sure that the top of the boot is not too wide that snow and ice can get inside. The closures should be able to keep the top almost impenetrable to snow.

Colorful and Cozy

Many sizes available

Disney Frozen C/W Boot (Toddler/Little Kid), Purple, 8 M US Toddler
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(price as of Aug 13, 2016)

Disney's Frozen Winter Boots for Girls


Disney Frozen Winter BootsCredit: www.amazon.com


These beautiful boots have it all-style, color and warmth! First of all, they are pink-a favorite with many girls. There is white decorative stitching around the foot that remind you of snow. Both Anna and Elsa are featured, surrounded by colorful pink and purple flowers and decoration.  Anna's outstretched hand has her magic powers popping out, and snowflakes finalize the design.

Inside there is faux fur to keep feet warm and the top is also trimmed this way.  It zippers in the back so girls can slip these on and zip them up easily by themselves.

Disney Frozen winter boots are sure to be a hit with girls this season!

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