In June 2015, Disney/Pixar released a movie that was different from any other that had been seen on the big screen. Inside Out explored the emotional life of 11 year old Riley not by seeing how she reacted, but by seeing how her five emotions inside her head reacted. Joy, who was the ringleader, was always in the forefront and not permitting the other emotions to have a proper turn.

While not to spoil the ending for those of you who have not seen the film, it had an profound effect on the adult audience, bringing many to tears.

While children may not understand why Mommy or Daddy are crying, they do love Inside Out on their own level. Of course, Disney has plenty of merchandise to go along with the film, including many fun activity books.

Here are just a few that are available.

Disney Inside Out Sticker Books

Why Do Kids Love Stickers So Much?

Do you have childhood memories that include getting a gold star on top of a school paper that was exceptionally well done?  I do!  I loved those gummy little gold stars, and was delighted when my teacher changed it up to green or blue or red.

When I finally had my own classroom in 1989, one of the first supplies I ordered form the school supply list were my own multi-colored stars!  I also spent a small fortune in the teacher’s store buying all kinds of stickers for my students.

All those years later, my students loved getting any kind of sticker on their papers.  Most of them would peel them off and stick them on their notebooks, their folders, or their name strip that I had taped to the front of their desks.

As a parent, stickers need to be in your bag of tricks when it comes time for potty training. Getting a certain number of stickers for going potty equals a reward.  My kids loved to see the line of stickers, and I loved getting rid of diapers-especially when my twins were done with them!

They also work well with any kind of behavior modification you are doing wither at home or at school.

But the question remains-why do kids like stickers so much?

I collected Wacky Pack stickers as a child.  My friends and I would only stick our doubles onto things, as we simply loved to sift through our collections when we got together and even when we were alone.  They were funny and something that was uniquely ours.  Parents did not get them.

Personally, I believe they like them because they are different.  Some are shiny, some have glitter, others are brightly colored, while others have cute cartoons or favorite characters.  

These little pieces of sticky paper brighten up a boring piece of paper (or a wall or piece of furniture!)  Kids like to put them anywhere they can.

Reusable Stickers!

Ultimate Sticker Book: Disney Pixar Inside Out (Ultimate Sticker Books)
Amazon Price: $6.99 $2.64 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 29, 2015)
Once upon a time, the only reusable sticker came in Colorforms box. Now activity books for kids come with stickers that can be stuck on one page and then used on another days later! This book has over 60 stickers that kids will find appealing.

Other Kinds of Activity Books

Did you know that using stickers is fine motor practice for children?  They need to use the tips of their fingers to peel and hold the paper down with their other hand.  Peel too hard, and it rips; peel too soft and the sticker will not come off.  It really is a good kind of challenge for children.

The following books make wonderful gifts for preschool fans of Disney's Inside Out.  You can preorder those that are not available yet so they can be mailed out right to you when they are in stock.

Disney Pixar Inside Out Draw, Feel, Create Sketchbook
Amazon Price: $6.76 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 29, 2015)
There is nothing as enticing to an artist as a large blank piece of paper. The possibilities are endless! There re many blank pages for children to draw and doodle.

Children Love to Color

Disney Inside Out Activity BooksCredit:

A recent article in Parade Magazine expounded upon the new wave of coloring books for adults. With intricate designs, both men and women could sit with their colored pencils, markers, or crayons and just let the stresses of the day melt away. The action of coloring is meditative and your mind just lets go of whatever is sticking in it.

While children do not have the same kinds of stress that an adult has, coloring is an activity that is calming to them. It is also fun fine motor practice for little fingers. Yes, you need to stay inside the lines, and that can only be done with practice.

Disney Inside Out coloring books provide children with that kind of practice. Some of them come with crayons, making them perfect for taking places, while others do not.

Pencil is Included

Rainbow of Emotions (Disney/Pixar Inside Out) (Color Plus Rainbow Pencil)
Amazon Price: $7.99 $4.01 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 29, 2015)
This coloring book comes with a rainbow colored pencil that can draw in green, blue, red and yellow. The book contains 128 pages of coloring fun with all of your favorite characters!

Magic Pen Books

Disney Inside Out Activity BooksCredit:

Another item that takes me back in time are Magic Pen books. Invented years before Crayola developed their Wonder paper and marker line of products, these books provided hours of mess free entertainment when traveling by car or in a plane. 

The book was made with special ink. The pen that came with it could only be used with these specialty books. These were often true/false books or trivia books back in my time. Now Disney has one based on Inside Out that reveals a world of color!

Disney Inside Out Look and Find Book

Disney® Pixar Inside Out Look and Find®
Amazon Price: $8.98 $4.98 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 29, 2015)
If your child needs some quiet fun that is a bit challenging, then this look and find book is one that s/he will want to have.

Disney Inside Out activity books for kids are a fun and inexpensive way to pass the time.