Backpacks Featuring the Characters of Disney's Inside Out Will be Popular for Back to School 2016

I love everything Disney.  From our family trips to Orlando to cuddling under blankets while watching their movies during the colder months, Disney evokes many positive emotions for my family and me.  I am as excited as my kids are when a new film arrives in theaters.  Being able to see a movie and not worry about what my kids might see is a parental pleasure.

On June 19th, Disney/Pixar premiered it's latest movie in theaters, Inside Out.  In an unprecedented move in a children's film, viewers get to see what goes on inside a person's head, instead of us having to guess. The movie's plot revolves 11 year old Riley, a hockey playing girl who has to adapt to an entirely new environment when her family moves from Minnesota to San Francisco.

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The movie moves along as we see Headquarters-the place inside her mind where Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust reside. She has core memories that will be lost when Joy and Sadness get sucked away. Will they be able to return to the other three emotions in time?

Because this is a summer release, Disney has already unveiled an entire line of Disney Inside Out back to school supplies for the 2015 school year.  While my children are too old to pick out character backpacks, once upon a time, they did.  They typically were a favorite movie or television character, and almost without fail, they were Disney related.

If your child is a fan of Inside Out, there is a wide range of backpacks and school supplies for your son or daughter to choose from.

When I was a child, backpacks were not used for school.  We had a rubber strap that kept our books stacked together and that made them easier to carry than just holding them in the crook of your arm.  Unlike some girls in the movies, I never had a boy offer to carry my books home...I had to schelp them myself!

My children's preschool, as well as many others, require their students to have a backpack. It is the best vessel for notes and papers to be brought back and forth to school, as these children are too young to carry items that can easily be lost.  Backpacks for preschoolers, like the 12" rolling version pictured below, are smaller than those for children in elementary school.  They do not need such a large bag, as they are not carrying textbooks and folders to and from the mini van.


Older children do require a larger size.  There is no way my kids could carry their binders, folders, lunch boxes, water bottles, and books back and forth.  We are a walker school.  One of the things doctors warn parents about is not having your child carry too heavy a load, as it causes back and shoulder strain.

The straps of a backpack should be padded and thick, so they do not cut into a child's shoulders.  They also need to be adjustable so it hangs just right down a child's back.


One feature I look for when my kids shop for backpacks is a side pocket for a water bottle like the one pictured here. One year we did not buy this kind for my daughter, and within a week her water bottle leaked all over the inside of her backpack.  If it had been in an outside pocket, it would have leaked onto the waterproof vinyl and none of her books and papers would have had water damage.

An Adorable Mini Backpack for Younger Children

Disney Pixar Inside Out Mini Backpack
Amazon Price: $14.99 Buy Now
(price as of Jun 24, 2016)
With a zippered front compartment and a bright purple color, this is the backpack your daughter or favorite girl will be asking for back to preschool.

Disney Inside Out Lunch Boxes

After a long morning of studying, kids need their lunch break.  Not only do they get the nutrition they need for the second half of their day, they get to socialize and catch up with their friends.  My own daughter chats so much every day she winds up at the late table because she does not finish (better to talk a lot in the cafeteria than in the classroom).

A quality lunch box need to have room for all of the "green" things kids put inside them-a thermos for hot lunches, a water bottle, utensils, and if necessary, a freezer pack.  It should have a sturdy handle and whoever clean is up should be able to just wipe it down.  

It is also fun to have a matching lunch box! This set features all of the emotions form the film. It is soft sided so it can fit inside a backpack or be attached to the outside. It can fit all of your child's lunch items, including a thermos and a sandwich holder. 

Here is Another Disney Inside Out Backpack Lunch Box Combo

Disney Inside Out 15" School Backpack, Detachable Lunch Bag and Folder
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(price as of Jun 24, 2016)
This Disney movie set is bright and colorful. It has all of the colors of the rainbow, which are represented by each character. Your child does not have to choose one special character because all are represented here

Notebooks and Other Supplies

Meh. Spiral NotebookCredit:
This notebook expresses how a lot of kids feel about homework and taking notes. All of the characters are available for your child's schoolwork.