Disney Junior Vampirina Pajamas are Too Adorable

For parents, after spending a busy day with the kids, one of the best times together when the day is at it’s end. A routine of calming a child with a bath, a favorite story, and kisses and cuddles, is a warm and wonderful way to end the day together.

Part of the routine is having children put on their pajamas. This is an overt signal to your child that it is time to wind down and get ready for a good night’s sleep. Despite their protests that they are not tired (all while rubbing their eyes and yawning), children need more sleep than adults. Children between the ages of 3-6 need 10-12 hours per day, while 7-12 year olds require 10-11 hours of shut eye. 

Going to sleep in a colorful and comfortable pair of  Disney Junior Vampirina pajamas can be a part of your child’s bedtime routine.

Disney Junior Vampirina Nightgowns and PajamasCredit: Canva.com

What to Look for When Shopping for Children's Pajamas

One of the things parents will notice when the season changes is that last year’s jammies are far too short and tight. While it is necessary for pajamas to be snug to meet flame retardant standards, it is not in the best interest of a child to have them too tight. Who can sleep in uncomfortable clothing? (and if your kids cannot fall asleep, guess who will be awake alongside them at night? Yup-mom and dad.)

Comfort is primary for a good night’s sleep. PJ’s that have elastic that pinches and binds or has shorts that ride up will not get your child in the proper frame of mind for a good night’s rest. And as all parents know, a bad night's sleep is equal to a very cranky child in the morning.

Another thing to factor when purchasing pajamas for your child is their age. If they are younger, ease of using the bathroom int he middle of the night is of the upmost importance. Children who need to use the potty also need to be able to get their pajamas up and down with ease. Personally, I was never a fan of footie pajamas for young children, as they would inevitably wind up getting wet and have to be changed. And guess who would be awakened in the middle of the night to do the changing? 

Nightgowns for girls  are perfect, as they just have to remember to bunch it in their arms. It is also easy for a girl to put it on by herself after a bath, as well as easy to take off when it is time to get dressed in the morning. The one below features Vampirina and Demi, as well as her family's Bed and Breakfast. It has a hot pink collar and a scalloped bottom. Available in sizes 2  to 9/10, it is made of polyester and is machine washable.

Disney Junior Vampirina Nightgown for GirlsCredit: Disney Store

Available at The Disney Store

For boys, having shorts of pants with an elastic waistband permits them to use the bathroom with ease and get dressed and undressed on their own.

Another Bedtime Solution

In the summer, my kids get off the camp bus sweaty, dirty and they do not smell too good. They like to shower and freshen up, but they do not want to get into pajamas at 5:30 when there is a whole lot of daylight left.


Disney Junior Vampirina Tee Shirt for GirlsCredit: Disney Store

Available at The Disney Store

A solution we came up with is to wear comfy cozy clothes that are clean and that they can sleep in if they want to. Both my son and daughter wear tee shirts and shorts to bed. Your daughter can wear a Vampirina tee shirt and matching shorts. These come in many different sizes, so you can find the one that is right for your child. Tee shirts are also typically made of 100% cotton, making them breathable and cooling during the hot summer nights.

There are many different kinds of Disney Junior Vampirina pajamas that your children can wear to bed. These fun and colorful characters are just perfect for kid's sleepwear!