Create Your Own DIY Disney Inside Out Sadness Halloween Costume

Summertime is family movie time for major motion picture studios. The kids are at home and parents, mothers in particular, need activities that will not only give their children something novel to do, but it will also give them a much needed break from constantly having to entertain their kids. Being able to sit in a cool, dark movie theater provides the perfect combination for both parents and children alike.

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Disney/Pixar has created many wonderful films for families. Recent late spring/summer releases such as Brave, Monsters University and Up have provided wholesome, family entertainment that not only holds a child’s attention, but those of their parents as well. Jokes are two levels-one the kids will get and one for the adults in the audience.  It is a winning combination.

The Plot of Disney's Inside Out

When you are an 11 year old girl, life can be tough. You are going through both body changes and emotional ones as well. That is exactly what is happening to Riley, an only child whose father decides to uproot his midwestern family to the bustling city of San Fransisco. Now Riley has to deal with making new friends, adapting to a new school, and learning to be comfortable in her new and different surroundings. 

The film explores Riley’s feelings by permitting us to see inside her head (and the head of others as well). What happens when she feels angry, fearful, disgusted, happy or sad?

Now we know!

The five main emotions that are in the forefront of Riley’s mind are Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear.  While initially full of joy, the move and what happens afterwards cause Riley to be sad more often than she used to be. 

Inside Riley’ head, Sadness messes with her long term memories, and both she and Joy are swept away. This leaves Anger, Fear and Disgust to handle everything until they make their way through Riley’s long-term memory and turn back to headquarters. 

For Halloween 2015, both kids and adults are going to want to dress as one of the five emotions from Inside Out. You can create your own Disney Inside Out Sadness costume by assembling just a few items.

Meet Sadness

Movie goers were in for a treat when the powerhouse team of Disney/Pixar released Inside Out on June 19th. 

Create Your Own DIY Inside Out Sadness Costume

When viewers see the character of Sadness, they may be reminded o fa similar looking character, Velma from Scooby Doo. The similarities-the haircut, the oversized turtleneck, and the eyeglasses are strikingly similar. Sadness is dressed down, whereas Joy and Disgust are dressed up. 

When we are sad, it is referred to as “feeling blue” or “having the blues”. Sad songs are called “the blues”. Hence, this character is blue from head to toe, including her hair.

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This blue wig has is parted on the same side as the character's. The bangs are swept over the face to hide her emotions and can easily be clipped back if you desire.

Another Inexpensive Blue Wig

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This wig will also work for your Sadness costume.

Sadness wears a big and bulky grey turtleneck sweater to match her dismal mood. Women and girls can choose a more feminine style or they can wear a man’s sweater. Paired with jeans that you already own, this is a fun and practical costume you can put together.


Blue Face Paint is a Must

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If you are trick or treating in the dark, there is no need to paint yourself blue from head to toe. Simply apply this highly rated blue paint to your face to achieve the look you need.

The Third Official Trailer

Don't Forget the Glasses!

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Besides a frown, Sadness' signature look is her round glasses. This pair is exactly what you need to complete your costume!

Disney Inside Out Halloween costumes do not need to be store bought or expensive to create. Just use your imagination to create a one-of-a-kind look that will have people grinning ear to ear!