Disney's Newest Film Series Has Inspired Many Bedroom Accessories

Has anyone ever told you that ou couldn't do something that you dreamed of doing? Maybe you wanted to be a professional dancer, but people scoffed at your dream, telling you it was too hard to achieve. You practiced and practiced and managed to get roles with a touring company.

Perhaps you were told that there was no money for college, so you had go right to work. Instead, you went part-time at night and worked during the day until you achieved your goal of a college degree.

Or maybe people rolled their eyes when you told them that you would not return to full-time work that you could make money at home from your computer. Personally, I still have people who do not believe that I pay many of our bills by typing away at my keyboard every day. While it took a while for me to get here, I plan on staying. I work seven days a week on this dream, and nothing and no one is going to stop me.

The same thing can be said for Dusty Crophopper, the lead character in the newest hit film from Disney, Planes. Dusty is just a low-tech plane, a crop duster. He was made to fly slow and low.

But Dusty yearns to fly high and compete in the big aerial race around the world. His boss and co-workers tease him about it, but he has others who believe in him. After non-stop practicing, and a little bit of luck, Dusty qualifies to fly in the race of his dreams. Will anyone try to stop him from achieving his goal?

Planes Offers a Positive Message for Children

Never giving up on what you want to achieve is an incredibly positive message to send to children. Dusty did not get into the big race simply because he knew someone on the judging panel or he just decided one day to try out.

On the contrary.

He practiced and practiced. He imagined himself flying with larger, sleeker aircrafts, because in his imagination, he was one of them. When another plane was caught cheating, Dusty was able to take his place.

This was timing and good luck intersecting. Like the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts say "Be Prepared." When Dusty got his big chance, he was prepared to take it.

This is a powerful message to teach children. If an opportunity knocks, will you be prepared when you answer the door?

Kids Adore Dusty!

Disney Planes Bedding Set

Your child's bedroom should be a warm, safe and comfortable place. It should be an environment that is conducive for both work and play. One reason children love their bedrooms is that it is the one place in the house that is just for them. Even when they are sent there for a "time out", a child's room should be a place where it is safe for them to be.

One thing that children find comforting is familiar and favorite characters. If your son has fallen for Dusty, El Chu and Skipper, then here is a fun bedding set and accessories to give his room a quick and easy update.

Disney Planes 4 Piece Bedding SetCredit: www.amazon.com

This comes with four pieces-the comforter, fitted sheet, the full sheet and a pillow case.

Dusty Pillow Pal

Disney Planes Dusty Pillowtime Pal
Amazon Price: $11.40 Buy Now
(price as of Apr 27, 2016)
This pillow, shaped like the protagonist Dusty Crophopper, makes a wonderful accent piece and friend for your child.

Brighten the Room With Wall Art

Poster Prints Add Character to a Room

Disney has many different poster prints available from the movie Planes to decorate your son's bedroom. You can use one or two of his favorite characters on the walls for an inexpensive way to add aviator flair to his room.

Dusty Crophopper PosterCredit: www.amazon.com


Whatever your favorite Planes character is, there is a poster with it's likeness

Disney Planes Window Treatments and More Decor

A quick and inexpensive way to change the decor of a room is with the accent pieces. These items are small, but offer great big changes in appearance to any room in your home. Just by adding a lamp and curtains, you can transform your son's room into a place where he can imagine he is flying the great race along with Dusty;

While it is impractical and expensive to change your furniture every year, by changing the lamp and the comforter, you can update your child's room without having to take out a second mortgage. These accent pieces can update your son's bedroom instantly!

Disney Planes Curtains

Disney Planes Window Panels / Curtains / Drapes - Set of 2
Amazon Price: $24.99 $13.80 Buy Now
(price as of Apr 27, 2016)
This set of panels features Dusty and company in the bright blue sky. This is a quick way to change the look of a window.

Wall Decals

RoomMates Planes Fire & Rescue Peel & Stick Wall Decals
Amazon Price: $9.00 Buy Now
(price as of Apr 27, 2016)
Just peel and stick these wall decals that do not damage the surface at all. Kids can help you put them up.

A Disney Planes themed bedroom is one that your son will love!