Your Girls Will Love a Princess Pool of Their Own!

When your kids are young, there is nothing more fun and convenient that having a kiddie pool in the backyard. Until my kids were about seven years old, we always had an inflatable pool. When it was just too hot to get into the car and go to the park or to the pool club, taking a step into the backyard and splashing around in our own inflatable pool permitted us to cool off, have fun, and then get right back into the air conditioning when we were done.

Our kiddie pools were not relegated to the backyard. The way out house is situated, the front yard gets shady in the afternoon. Any parent who has young kids knows that around 4:00 in the afternoon, kids into the "arsenic hours". They are tired, cranky, and hungry, and at times hard to reason with.

That is when I went into the garage, grabbed out other inflatable pool, and let the kids fill it with the hose on our front lawn. It kept them giggling and busy, and it kept the crankiness at bay. My neighbors enjoyed hearing their laughter and watching them splash and play, as their kids were long past the kiddie pool stage of life. I sat on my lawn chair feeling victorious at having averted another late in the day meltdown.

If you are the parent of grandparent of girls, Disney Princes inflatable pools are a fun way to let them cool off on a hot day. There are several different kinds from which to choose.

The Benefits of an Inflatable Pool

Inflatable pools are a best friend to parents of young children. First of all, they re all reasonably priced. You can have more than one like I did when my kids were younger, and it did not cost a lot of money. By having more than one, you can create your very own backyard water park for your children and their friends. No need to crowd into one inflatable pool when there is another nearby. The kids can use their imaginations and create all kinds of play scenarios.

They are also very easy to store. Just let out the air and let it dry in the sun if you need to deflate it. You cannot do that with those hard. blue kiddie pools! You need a designated space in your garage or shed to store that away.

Disney Princes Inflatable PoolCredit: www,

This purple and pink pool offers cooling and protective shade for your girls.

The Perfect Swimwear for Girls!

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Caring for Your Inflatable Pool

Because these pools are child sized, they are easy to care for. The first thing to do after buying the pool is to save the box. It is the perfect storage case.

Second, put any repair patches for the pool in a small plastic bag and keep it inside the box so you can always find it. Pin holes are bound to happen, and the pool can still function if you can patch it up.

Drain the water after each use so that there is no danger of your child trying to sneak in a swim when you are not looking. Even the smallest bodies of water can be dangerous to a toddler or preschooler. Using an air compressor to fill it up is quick and easy.

At the end of the season, let the inflatable pool dry in the sun. Wipe it down so there is no moisture and then store inside the box you saved at the beginning of the season.
Inflatable Disney Princess PoolCredit:
Here is another Disney princess pool, and this one has sprinklers!
For parents at home with young children, inflatable pools are a lifesaver.

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