We have all loved Disney products at some stage of our life. Whether you have cuddled their plush toys, watched the movies or spent hours in one of Disneyland’s amusement parks they have brought us so much fun and laughter for children of all ages for years. It is a fact that many parents have enjoyed these too because at heart we are still kids.

These toys have also brought smiles to many children in hospitals all over the world. I am writing this article because of our sick mate, friend and companion.

Our dog Titan has a problem with his leg, which causes him a lot of pain. This has been going on and off for about twelve months, and still the vets still do not know what is causing this problem. After many trial medications, x-rays and other attempts to ease his pain we now have him on injections once a week for the next four weeks. We hope this will give him some pain relief.

Like all children, when something exciting happens Titan is as fit as a fiddle. When idle and lying around he limps and holds his paw up to us with big sad eyes.  We feel so guilty because we cannot ease this pain.

Titans Minnie Disney ToyCredit: Titans Photography

Titan is telling us how much he loves his new Disney Minnie Toy 

This Toy Brightened his Day

Therefore, while out shopping today, my husband noticed this beautiful huge Minnie Mouse plush toy.  This is a pre-loved toy and not new. You would not believe the change in Titan’s attitude when we arrived home and let him out the front door to see his present.  He was like a pup again. I have to explain, that Titan is eleven years old and still has about twenty toys, even ones from when still a puppy.  He has never destroyed any of them and yes, he carries them around, from time to time especially when he wants a treat he will bring one of them to us and expect a reward.

Minnie Mouse

They say on Amazon that this Premium Plush Minnie toy is about Seventeen inches tall although the one we bought is huge it measures 23” from the tip of the bow to sole of her foot. I am sure that all children would love this plush toy and has good stitching too.  I believe it would also make a beautiful decoration on their bed. As this one is pre-loved I understand it has survived many cuddles and has fared very well.

These are beautiful large and colorful toys that any child would love to have.

Mickey Mouse

This colourful toy would be great for children of all ages to cuddle or sleep with at night, and safe for tiny tots, as there are no removable parts to cause choking. The strong stitching makes it an even better buy as it will survive rough treatment.

These toys will also survive a good wash in the washing machine, although I would do it on the gentle cycle.

Disney Mickey Mouse Plush Toy -- 17''
Amazon Price: $34.95 $12.14 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 3, 2015)
Like the Minnie Mouse, Mickey is also well constructed. All children that have ever watch Disney films will love Mickey too.

Other Disney Plush Toys

Disney Pluto Plush Toy

When kids need that extra comfort at bedtime, Pluto will give them that bit of confidence. This is an Ideal toy for children of all ages.  They even say you can use Pluto for a doorstop; wow, this fellah is far too good for that. 

Disney Goofy Plush Toy 

This is another one of the favourite Disney Toys and is 19" tall.  It is so cuddly that all children will love to carry him everywhere and sleep beside him at night. These toys are all well stitched and made strong to last.

Disney Pictionary Game

This is a creative way of playing with pictures with an added Disney Twist. Everyone can play this great game. The kids, adults and even the family will love playing this.

It has sound effects, and depending on who is fastest to grab a card wins before having your hand slapped. There are more than four hundred clues and three different ways to communicate.

There are 200 picture cards and two Mickey-styled dry erase boards and two erase markers.

You know that one of the more popular Disney toys is Goofy, well this game must help him gain more notoriety because it is a goofy game and lots of fun for everyone.

Disney Pictionary Game
Amazon Price: $26.99 $14.35 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 3, 2015)
This game will keep the youngest and oldest members of the family amused for hours.

Disney Apples to Apples - The Game of Goofy Comparisons

Again, Goofy is the focus of our attention.  Disney has featured the themes from movies, theme parks and Disney Channel shows, bringing them to life. There are three hundred and sixty cards and the card holder. This allows four to eight people to play this game.

You have to watch for the dangers of the Poison Apple card. I will not spoil the fun.  You have to play this game to find the challenges, twists and turns.

Conclusion: If you know someone who is feeling down and needs a lift I am sure that one of these Disney Toys or Games will bring a big smile to their faces. I hope this article will give you something to think about, especially if a child needs cheering up for one reason or another.