The Disney Ultimate Dream Castle is a must have toy for any fan of the Disney princesses. This is the one place where all of the princess can come and hang out in their own areas designed specifically for them.


There are many Disney Castles on the market these days, depending on which of the characters that you are looking for. Ariel has her own palace under the sea. The Cinderella one is very popular and has been getting great reviews. However, this one is probably the tops of all because it includes a bit of all of the princesses.

Disney Princess Ultimate Dream Castle
Credit: Amazon

Ariel's Bathroom

In the Disney Princess Ultimate Dream Castle, there is a room that has a theme devoted to each one of the princesses. The bathroom has been designated as the area for which Ariel will hang out.


The sea shell tub is the perfect place for a mermaid to lounge and enjoy herself. There are real bubble sounds to help her relax and enjoy her time in the water.

Disney Ultimate Dream Castle
Credit: Amazon

Cinderella's Staircase

This Disney toy really tries to showcase some of the images from the movies that these characters have come from. For Cinderella, the focus is on the staircase. This looks much like the one that she runs down when the clock strikes 12 in her story.


There is a magical step that reveals the glass slipper that she leaves behind so that her prince can find her.


Jasmine’s Elevator in the UltimateDreamCastle


Now is the time to move between the three stories of this fairy tale castle. If you do not want to use Cinderella’s staircase, there is always the magic carpet elevator. This can magically lift the princesses from one floor to the next so that they can truly be in a whole new world.


Belle’s Dining Room


Be our guest in this dining room that is inspired by the Beauty and the Beast movie. Lumiere and Belle’s other magical friends are there to serve anyone who would like to sit and eat. Perhaps they will even put on a magical show.


Sleep Beauty Bedroom


The DisneyUltimateCastle has a bedroom that is already for Sleeping Beauty to rest in. Aurora will be looked over by her fairy godmothers as she sleeps and dreams about her prince.


There is also an armoire in the room that is perfect to house ball gowns for dressing up in.


Snow White’s Room


There is a wonderful vanity room all ready for Snow White to get ready for the day. She can do her makeup in front of the magic mirror. In turn the mirror can show the future and even tell Snow White who her prince will be.


Tiana’s Kitchen


This Ultimate Dream castle would not be complete without a kitchen to prepare tasty treats for all of the Disney Princesses in. Tiana will be mixing up her famous gumbo for all when she hangs out in this perfect room.


The Disney Princess Ultimate Dream Castle is really a great all in one toy for any fan of these characters. It is three stories of fun and comes with over 50 accessories to create many adventures with. The one thing to note is that the dolls are sold separately.


You are going to want to make sure to order yours online today before they sell out.


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