Although nicknamed "the happiest place on Earth," Walt Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, Florida may seem like the most "crowded" place on Earth. However, avoiding the Disney World crowds is possible if you apply the following tips.

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Step 1

Choose your travel dates wisely. Walt Disney World has seasons. I'm not referring to winter, spring, summer and fall. The seasons at Walt Disney World are value season, regular season, summer season, fall season, peak season, and holiday season. These seasons coincide with the level of the Disney World crowds, based on the attendance of previous years. Value season is the least crowded time to visit and holiday season is the most crowded time to visit. If your travel dates are flexible, try to travel during one of Walt Disney World's value seasons to avoid the Disney World crowds. These usually run January through mid-February, and mid-August through September. If possible, avoid all holidays and summer breaks for school students.

Step 2

Schedule your day around the crowds. Think about what the Disney World crowds will be doing, and do the opposite. Eat early or late meals, and ride the attractions during typical meal times. Ride the attractions during big events such as parades, fireworks, Fantasmic in Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Illuminations in Epcot. The Disney World crowds will be enjoying the event, while you are enjoying the rides.

Step 3

Get a Fast Pass. Walt Disney World has taken some steps to make the crowds manageable for their guests. One of these steps is implementing the Fast Pass system. A Fast Pass allows guests to board certain attractions with a minimal wait time. Guests may go to the fast pass booth at certain attractions and obtain a card called a "Fast Pass." The Fast Pass lists a window of time, in which the guest may return to the attraction and enter through the Fast Pass line. These lines are much faster than the other lines. Riders typically wait only a few minutes to board the ride from the fast pass line.

Step 4

Use technology. Advances in technology have helped make the Disney World crowds more manageable for many guests of Walt Disney World. Prior to your visit, visit one of the several websites that offer touring schedules based on the Disney World Crowds. Some websites also offer tips regarding typical crowd behavior, and and even tell you where you should stand for major Disney Park events such as parades and firework displays.

If you have a wireless device with a data plan, you can download various applications for only a few dollars that will inform you of the wait times for the Disney World Attractions in real time. This tool is extremely helpful when you are inside the parks.

Although you can be overwhelmed by the Disney World crowds, careful scheduling and using a few tools, will ensure you and your family have a very enjoyable vacation.

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