With Disneyland having 4 different theme parks located in 4 different countries including its original stomping grounds in Anaheim California, Paris France, Hong Kong and Tokyo, plus Disney World in Florida. The 1994 Decision made by Walt Disney to take to the sea is no surprise. Why wouldn't the largest theme park company in the world with so much family friendly entertainment to offer the world not get a piece of the cruising action. Disney decision to enter the cruise industry was so well accepted that in order to make things fair for their maiden voyage in 1998 aboard the Disney Magic cruise ship, they utilized a lottery system in 1997 to select the first passengers to set sail with DISNEY.

One thing that is common knowledge in the cruise industry is that while Disney offers probably hands down the most unique family fun adventure in cruising they also boast some of the highest price tags. Well the question is, is it worth it to pay the extras money for Disney over other cruise lines like the economical party ship Carnival, or Royal Caribbean. Well I say yes it is and here is some of my reasoning. Well I speak from experience, because my personal maiden voyage on a cruise ship was aboard the Disney Magic. Seriously as much as I love cruising and have had many magical moments aboard other cruise lines such as Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Lines and Princess, none have come close to the Magic you feel aboard a Disney Cruise Ship. Upon entering the ship, you are greeted throughout the vessel by Disney highest ranking stars like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, and Goofy. Let's not forget Cinderella and Snow White. The feeling of the Glamour and the excitement is beyond any other cruise experience I have had. Personally I really do not enjoy theme parks too much including Disneyland and Disney World. I have no issues with it is just not my cup of tea. I am a cruiser at heart, and the Disney Cruise experience I believe is the best family fun filled, stress free vacation in the cruising industry.

In my cruising blog where I am known as traveler man I discuss the experience aboard cruise ships. It is actually pretty competitive. Exotic cuisine and fabulous food and just the experience of being in a fun filled dining room surrounded with positive exciting people from all over the world is a huge part of the cruising experience aboard any cruise liner. Disney has nailed this one hands down.

They were the first cruise one to come up with what is called the rotating dining room schedule. On a three day Disney cruise you will rotate to a different Dining Room every night. The magic is that your waiter's and dining room staff follow you to the other dining rooms. This is truly part of the unique experience, because the bonds that you create and the way the staff gets to know you and your family and their personal choices and likes is superb. During the second night of dining the staff will no your personal preferences, how you like your steak cooked, what your kids like , their names these truly are absolutely the best trained and best workers in the industry, in my opinion.

I am not going to go into lots of detail as to all the wonderful features on a Disney Cruise, I would suggest you go straight to the Disney cruise line site and check out all the great features yourself. Another amazing feature that stands out for me is the beautiful, stunning and amazing movie theaters. I have been on numerous cruises but as yet have not found another cruise that boasts a full size tiered movie theater. You can sit and watch some of Disney's soon to be released movies. Yes if you are a Disney movie fan, you can to preview movies before release date.

The casinos, lack of casino's the traditional Las Vegas style casino does not exist on a Disney Cruise Ship. The Gambling and typical Las Vegas style gambling is a big part of going on a cruise many and is actually where most of the profit is made for cruise ships. Gambling upon the open waters has existed since the early days of the paddle boat. Disney's decision to keep their ships family friendly and exclude casinos was a big gamble itself. It appears the gamble has paid off and they hit the Jackpot on this one as they continue to expand their cruising industry, if you are traveling with the family including the little ones and you're looking for some good, wholesome, and fun-filled time together, then a Disney cruise is definitely for you. Yes, you will pay a bit more for it, but not really when you consider how much money you won't be giving away in the casino.