Putting your feet up in Disneyland; places to grab a little rest.

Did you ever wish you could sneak inside Sleeping Beauty castle find a bedroom and crash for an hour in the middle of the day at the Disney Parks. When we go to the parks we hate to leave the magic for a rest in the middle of the day though we often feel the need to put out feet up and even catch a bit of a nap. Do you get cranky when you get worn out? Spending a few tiring days in a row in Disneyland can wear on relationships if time isn’t taken as needed to regroup. 

This article won’t tell you how to get into a bedroom in the castle but, how to find a spot where you can put your feet up and whether your kids are exhausted and need a rest or raring to go and need to be entertained by something besides you. 

In Disneyland park during the evening parade sit in the seating area of the Plaza Pavilion next to the fence and as close to the Hub as you can get. You can sit at a table and be out of the crowds, put your feet up and let the kids stand at the fence and watch the parade.

In DCA whether it is cold or too hot a nice place to hang out is in the Disney Animation studio in Hollywood land. As you enter the studio you will find yourself in what is known as the Animation Courtyard. Here you can sit and be surrounded by constantly changing bits of music and animation from your favorite animated Disney movies. 

Just outside of DCA is the Grand Californian Hotel. We love to get ice cream and take it to the lobby of this hotel. The entrance is just after the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. If it is chilly and you want to eat ice cream anyway like we do go sit by the fireplace on the log rocking chairs or sit right on the hearth. If it is too hot out plop on a couch or one of the circles of comfy chairs and listen to the live piano. Now, if you tie this well, you can be there or a bit of a campfire story time or sing-a-long. This also takes place by the fire place. There is also a TV with cartoons playing and little-people chars in front of it for many kids to enjoy. 

The crowdedness of these areas can vary. The Grand CA lobby can be crowded if it is check in time. If it’s rainy the animation studio can be more crowded. But, for the most part each time we have sought one out it has been a lovely refresh. Sometimes we bring a crossword puzzle or kindle. I’ll sometimes even paint my nails.