Hosting a Disney Frozen Themed Party? Here are Favors for You to Give Out!

One of the hottest movies in theaters right now is Disney’s Frozen. Based loosely on the classic Hans Christian Andersen’s tale The Snow Queen, this movie has already generated Oscar buzz, much like the Lion King did back in 1994.

The story is a tale of two sisters, Elsa and Anna. Unlike most of Disney’s female movie leads, these princess do not need a man to save them. In fact, it is Elsa who needs saving from herself. Possessing an incredible power that almost killed her younger sister when they were children, Anna retreated to a world mostly of her own, afraid to let others come near. She did this on the advice of her mother, who thought she was doing the right thing by her daughter.

Unfortunately, this caused a series of events to happen which is the crux of the movie. Elsa accidentally freezes her entire kingdom of Arendelle, and puts it in a perpetual winter state. She runs way from her sister and everything else that she knows and loves, fearing that she will do eve more harm.

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Anna, her plucky younger sister, sets out on an adventure to find Elsa. Undeterred by the fact that she cannot find her way, she is aided by Kristoff, a mountain man who is not exactly as refined as the princess he helps. Joining Kristoff is his sidekick Sven, a reindeer.

For jovial entertainment, Olaf, an enchanted snowman the sisters made when they were little, comes to life like Frosty and gives audiences much needed comic relief. He has his own “impossible dream”.

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This make your own snowman bracelet bead craft reminds party goers of Olaf. It comes with 12 bracelets. This not only is a fun party craft, it doubles as the favor, making less work for busy parents who are planning the party!

Another Olaf Craft That Doubles as a Favor

This comes with enough to make 8

Frozen Olaf Inspired Do You Wanna Build a Snowman Party Pack of 8
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Olaf Loves Summer

Not a great idea for a snowman!

Disney Frozen Party Favors

Credit: out party favors is a tradition that dates back a few hundred years, but was relegated to guests who attended weddings. They were given tokens of thanks from the bride and groom in order to show their appreciation that the people came to witness and celebrate their special day.

Somehow this tradition slowly seeped from wedding but to other occasions such as bridal showers, baby showers and birthday parties. Some parents loathe the idea of handing out bags of treats, citing that their child needs nothing else and that attending the party is a treat in and of itself. Others think that these people are party poopers who are trying to suck the joy out of childhood.

Handing out goody bags to party guests is something that is not necessary, but is now considered traditional. In fact, it is a rare occasion that my children do not receive some token from the birthday child as they head to my minivan.

Disney, knowing how much kids love stuff, has a line of Frozen party favors that will delight guests who attend the party.  They feature the princesses in all different kinds of goodies.

Party Package for 12 Guests

Birthday Party Favor Set for 12 - 12 Frozen Pencils, 16 Frozen Tattoos, 24 Frozen Stickers, 12 Snowflake Stampers
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This party favor set provides one stop shopping for the party mom!

Lip Gloss Party Favor

12-Piece Disney Frozen Lip Gloss, Multicolored
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Little girls are just going to go crazy for this favor! Lip gloss just like big girls wear!