Even though metal roofing materials have been successfully used for hundreds of years, many people still feel nervous about using them. There are many rumors which exist that serve to disparage metal roofs, each playing upon a person's inner fears. But is there any truth in these claims? By looking at each rumor in turn and discussing the actual facts involved, you'll be far better equipped to separate fact from fiction in metal roofing.

Isn't Walking on Metal Roofs Impossible?

Walking on any roof is a risky and dangerous venture that requires balance, care, and the best information possible on the nature of the roof. The people that say that it's impossible to walk on a metal roof simply lack the last of these. Walking the roof may be necessary to remove debris from storms or for occasional maintenance. Professional are more than happy to do this for you, for a fee of course. If you're the do it yourself kind of person, make sure you at least consult the person who installed your metal roof before you set out onto it. All you need to walk a metal roof is a little knowledge and a little guts.

Don't Metal Roofs Rust?

There are those that believe that installing metal roofing materials is foolhardy because of rust issues. After all, metal rusts, right? This may have been true of older metal roofing, but it's been taken care of through modern engineering. These days, metal roofs are treated with a special coating that seals them from water and air. This stops the metal from rusting. Since the coating is applied at the manufacturing plant, there is no way that it could be overlooked. Metal roofing pros guarantee their products for decades partially because they know that rust isn't an issue.

Won't A Metal Roof Attract Lightning?

This is another misconception originating from a very simple understanding of metals. While it is true that most metals conduct electricity, this doesn't increase the chances of your home being struck by lightning if you install a metal roof. Because metal roofing materials are grounded, if they did get struck by lightning the electricity should pass into the earth without damaging your homes.

Aren't Metal Roofs Noisy During Storms?

Many people have this notion of a metal roof that probably originated in some old movie or in a very old building. Under ancient tin roofs, the pitter patter of steady rain could become very distracting. Nowadays, contractors install special sound damping layers as part of the roofing job specifically to stop this kind of thing from happening. So long as your installation went well, there is no reason why the noise you hear on a rainy night under a metal roof should be any louder than what you'd hear under any other kind of roof.

Fact Over Fiction

If you're ever unsure about possible negatives associated with metal roofing materials, make sure to contact your local professionals and ask detailed questions. They tend to be happy to dispel any unsettling rumors which likely aren't based in fact. Arm yourself with the facts before you decide whether you want to proceed with metal roof installation.