Brochure Holder
Credit: Beemak Plastics Inc.

Brochure Holder

Interesting Displays Encourage Interaction

Have you walked past a booth at a trade show and had it catch your eye? Chances are, the booth was free of clutter and showcased color. Most people who attend these trade shows need to be visually stimulated. Choose bold greens, reds, blues and yellows and stand out against others who have chosen to go with basic white.

Only Put Out the Essential Brochures

When an individual walks past your booth, they should want to stop and browse what you have. During this time, they will strike up a conversation with you and give you a better idea of what they are looking for. A good tactic will be to have a literature display in place that has about five brochure holders that give the essentials of your business. If someone is looking for a particular topic, you can pull a brochure out from behind the booth and offer it to them.

Keep Advertising Pleasant to the Eyes

When you put up signs and banners, they should be appealing to the eye. While you may want to use a fancy font to make yourself stand out, it can often have the opposite effect. Since most of these fonts are very difficult to read, most people will choose to ignore your booth, rather than determine what it is you are offering.

Simple Displays are Okay

Some of the most successful displays at trade shows are those who keep things simple. They offer a couple of images of the main products they want to promote with a sentence or two about each offering people can look at when they are passing by. In three seconds, a person can look at and absorb this information and with a quality image, you can secure a sale.

While you need to pay close attention to your display itself, you also need to remain focused on the staff you have on hand. You should ensure that the people you send have the following characteristics:

  • Friendly and outgoing
  • Have a strong positive opinion of the company and a vast understanding of the products and services offered.
  • They have the ability to engage the listener and soft sell a product.

If you will be attending a trade show, you need to ensure you have a display that helps you to make a sale. To encourage interaction with you—and not with your display—have only the essentials on display. This has the added benefit of remaining easy on the eyes.