If you have decided to make and sell crafts for a living, then there are a few things you can do that will help with the sales. Besides creating a quality craft product, you could be losing money if you don't display crafts in just the right way.

If you don't want to be selling in craft shows, and hate the idea of taking it all down and setting it up again and again, which is the case with craft show displays, and have decided to sell in a craft market mall, or craft store instead, then craft display, is just as important here.

Display Crafts With a Plan - If craft show displays, or craft display was never your best point, then it can really help to hire someone that is. You can get a consultation from a professional window dresser or store stager or even a house stager. (These are people who stage houses to help sell them) Then you can practice a craft show display or shelf display or any kind of craft display in your own home first. This way you are not trying to figure this out in the store. You could even map it out on paper first, so you have a plan for when you get to the store with all your bins. It is much easier to focus this way.

Craft Display - At most of these craft malls, or stores that rent you space, it tends to be a section of shelves about 3 feet wide and 4 or 5 feet tall. It is usually some kind of peg board set up, so that you can change things around. You want to try and woo a customer, so craft display is important. You already have targeted customers, as they have come into a store that sells strictly crafts and homemade goods. You just want them to buy your goods!

Example Display Crafts - I used to sell crafts at one of these crafter style market places, and I did "OK". But I wanted to do better. I loved to create and paint, but just because I was creative, didn't mean I really knew much about the display of crafts. Most of my energies were put into the making of the crafts. I simply put them out on the shelves and hoped they would sell.

My daughter just happened to be with me that day, and asked if she could reorganize everything. She did, and what a difference it made. I doubled my sales that weekend. Sometimes as the artist or crafter, we can't really see beyond our crafts and creations. We just sit them on the shelves, and hope someone will stop and look at our craft display over someone else's. But that is not always the case.

Many times the shelves with the best display catch the eye of a potential customer. It can be hard to come up with a cool craft display with such a small space. But my daughter came up with little display cases for my smaller items. She put napkins in my napkin holders and I sold them as a set, instead of just the napkin holders on their own.

The candle holders, had nice candles put in them. She called everything "props" just like setting up a stage. Sometimes just dollar store napkins was the difference. I had those hand painted napkin holders on display for months, in a little basket. She got rid of the basket and put nicely folded napkins in them and in sets of two, and I sold them all that weekend.

Just like craft show displays, craft markets and permanent spaces need to be setup to woo customers. To display crafts or any items for that matter, is a talent by itself. My daughter just happened to be good at staging things and props. So, she helped me sell more of the displayed crafts I already had there.

Display Crafts - For selling crafts, craft show displays and shelf displays need to let a potential customer know just how useful it is. You need to get across to them, just what they could use this craft for at home. We may know, but maybe your imagination and that of a busy shopper are going to be different.

I had made the mistake also of trying to cram too much stuff onto the 3 shelves I had there. I took away some of it, so that there was more room for displays of a few items, and then just went back often to replenish instead of trying to save trips there and then not selling anything because it was all crammed on the shelf.

Craft Display is really important. Don't just throw your things into bins, unless that is the best way to display them. Candle holders, should have nice candles in them that you are willing to sell with it. Adjust your price for that. People don't mind paying a bit more if they can use the craft right away when they get it home. Now they don't have to search for candles.

The same with smaller items such as napkin holders, or even jewelry. It may be worth investing in some plain napkins for the holders, and a small black velvet bust for the necklace or earrings.

Just be prepared to replenish more often, and keep your shelves simple and clear of clutter and dust.

Craft Display - Many people who sell at these craft stores, and malls, don't like the idea of having to come back to often, so they will fill them full, which doesn't give them any room for proper display. But you need to check on your craft display as often as you can. The store owners are not going to do this, so you need to keep on top of your space.

Craft Display, whether you are doing craft show displays, or permanent displays at craft stores, need to be thought out. Even the tiniest area can be made to look inviting and woo a customer. Also make sure the price is displayed well, and that it is clear what you get for that price and then grow your craft business.

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