So you've just bought a new Disney pin and you want everyone to see it. You want to boast your entire collection and make other collectors as jealous as they can possibly be. But your pins are precious and you want to keep them safe. Of course you do. So how do you display your pins to others?

The most popular method of displaying Disney pins is by securing them to a Disney lanyard or Cast lanyard. With so many varied patterns and colors to choose from and so many obvious benefits, lanyards are an almost standard piece of kit for pin aficionados. Lanyards are a fashion accessory and a statement of individuality. They allow you to display your pins to other collectors and pin traders whilst keeping them safely about your person. But if you don't like lanyards, there are a few other options.

There are numerous ways in which you can display your Disney pins to others, many of which allow you the freedom of exploring a Disney them park without the worry of losing your prized possessions. You might want to try a hat, for example, or a hip bag, or vest. Hats provide the perfect canvas for displaying your best pins to others. A multitude of styles and colors allow the collector to express his taste in hats and his favorite pins simultaneously. Vests are also available in several different colors and come in many sizes so you are bound to find one that fits you. Whether the collector chooses to make use of just one area or all of the vest, he can put a huge quantity of pins on display while wearing it, much more than he could possibly display on a hat or lanyard. In terms of practicality, however, the hip bag has to be said to be the most functional of all pin display methods. Hip bags fasten around the waist and can be decorated with multiple pins. They can also be used to secure some of the items you will no doubt need as you enjoy a day at a Disney theme park. Sun glasses, for example, or your wallet, keys, tickets and drink carton. Any and all of these option give you the freedom to get about the park, to enjoy your day thoroughly, without the hassle of wondering where you put your pins. You won't have to keep checking your pockets every five minutes and they're sure to be secure.

If you really are paranoid, however, or if your pins are too rare or too valuable to be worn on your clothing, then there is still another alternative. Special pin bags are available to keep your Disney trading pins in. These zippered storage books are just like those used to hold CDs and are both handy and secure. They are available in sizes ranging from small, travel-sized pouches to larger, Disney Pin Displaysportfolio-sized books. Smaller books are wallet-like in their shape and hold somewhere between 10 and 20 pins. The larger books can be optimized with additional pages and can store upwards of 200 pins. These are preferred by dedicated pin collectors and are especially visible at official Disney trading conventions. Traders find them to be extremely convenient ways to safely display their pin collections.

Rarer pins are particularly valuable and need to be kept safer than other, more common production pins. In many cases these are issued in their own cases, often alongside other pieces of Disney memorabilia. Of course it's up to you whether or not you keep these items in their original frames. The desire to display them off can be overwhelming. But it might be best to keep them safely in their frames so as not to risk damaging them or diminishing their value.