Photographs and postcards say so much about who we are; what interests us, where we've been in life and what we're like as people. And for this reason, so many of us like having photo's and postcards on show around our homes, but sometimes photo frames just don't seem appropriate, and sticking them straight onto the wall is just so messy!

Things You Will Need

1. A selection of your favourite photographs or postcards 2. The biggest sheet of cardboard you can find - most Arts and Crafts Stores supply these. 3. Blue Tack 4. Wall Hanging; nail, pin etc 5. String 6. Pencil

Step 1

Grab a sheet of cardboard - the bigger the better. And a selection of your favourite photographs or postcards, and pick out the ones that you like the most. Also make sure that you have a good supply of blue tack...there is nothing worse than running out, slap bang in the middle of your creative flow!

Step 2

Lay the cardboard of the floor, or on a really large table, if you have one and start placing your photographs or postcards on it. To fit in as many as possible, it is important to try and make sure there are few gaps between pictures, although gaps are inevitable. At this point it is not necessary to actually stick anything down properly, although you might find it helps as it stops a slight gust of wind wiping everything across the floor. It helps to have a little strategy when piecing the collage together. Perhaps start from a corner or from the middle and work around that first piece. The best thing about using blue tack is the fact that if something doesn't fit, or you just don't like how your collage is looking, you just pull them off and try again. Simple.

Step 3

Once you are happy with your collage, stick everything down properly with blue tack. A piece in each of the four corners should be enough to hold the photograph down firmly.

Step 4

Admire your work...(oooh aaah) and ponder how brilliant you are! There is nothing like a bit of good old-fashioned self-gratification!

Step 5

Using a pencil, pierce a hole in each of the two top corners of the cardboard. You could also use a hole punch for this.

Step 6

Decide where exactly you want to place the collage, and mark the spot with a pencil.

Step 7

Hammer / drill etc the nail/pin into the wall.

Step 8

Cut a length of string, and attach it to the holes at both ends of the board.

Step 9

Hang your board, and yet again marvel at how brilliant you are!
You don't have to use photographs or postcards for this. Posters, certificates, a collection of cinema / gig tickets etc (the list is endless) work perfectly as well. The key is to just let your creativity flow, and have fun! Good luck!

Tips & Warnings

When purchasing a sheet of cardboard, it is really easy to be drawn in by the pretty colours that are available, but at the end of the day, when your "collage" is completed, you aren't going to be able to see much of the cardboard, so it really is a waste of money. I recommend just buying a plain, uncoloured cardboard because I found that this kind was far cheaper, because you're not paying for coloured coating! Don't worry if some photographs or postcards hang over the edge of the board, sometime this actually adds a special something to the final product.