These days, using disposable colored contact lenses is common. Getting hold of these items is easy as they are available almost in any optical or even online stores. In the past disposable color contacts were a bit expensive as not too many people use them. Now, everyone who wants to stop wearing glasses or want to experiment with a new look can easily get a pair of disposable color contact lenses.

These hip products come in so many colors now and are even made for dark, light and sensitive eyes. Disposable lenses are also made for both short-term (daily, weekly, monthly) and long-term use (can be used for up to one year). The ones for short-term use are called disposables and are usually packed in boxes. Traditional contact lenses come in phials are priced a bit higher than the regular disposable ones.

Using disposable contact lenses has its advantages. First, it is healthier to use disposables as they prevent bacterial and protein build-ups. These lenses are thinner and more comfortable for the user. Changing your eye color is also a breeze as disposable color contact lenses come in all colors and designs. Lastly, breaking one is not a problem as a box of color lenses usually have several pairs.

Quality and the design are the two main factors differentiating disposable contact lenses and annual or traditional contact lenses. The latter are usually hand-painted and thus have the appearance of a more real eye color and formations. Disposable color contact lenses are cost-effective because they are printed digitally.

So many brands offer affordable and effective disposable color contact lenses. Different brands offer various lines like Colorblends, Impressions and Dimensions. Contact lenses users have the option to get one of these to get their desired effect. Most people have dark eyes so it is recommended that they get Colorblends, if you have blue or green eyes and you want to enhance their brightness, opt for the ones that they call Impressions. Dimensions are made for those who want to achieve larger and deeper eyes.

Johnson and Johnson carries the line Acuvue 2 lenses that are opaque and are safe to be used at night so you can sleep while wearing them. 1—Day Acuvue are the first disposable colored contact lenses for daily use only. These are as easy to use as one does not need to clean or store them. Another brand is Expression Colors by Cooper Vision. They are made for light and dark eye colors.

Now, almost anyone can buy all types of disposable colored contact lenses over the Internet as long as there is a doctor's prescription. However, it's not uncommon to find colored contacts without prescription online these days.