There are many factors that determine how a person ages, such as nutritional habits, exercise and overall type of lifestyle behavior. While many of the processes can be controlled by an individual, there are some genetic causes of accelerated aging for which there is no control. Regardless of fitness and eating habits and other habits exhibited, the aging process is going to proceed at a faster pace if a person is predisposed to genetic influences.

While there is a difference of option between researchers concerning the presence of diseases that cause accelerated aging, there are some instances in which there is no argument. Some claim only part of the aging process is affect by disease and does not effect to whole person in the process. Others contend that a disease, which causes certain parts of a person to age, is affecting the entire body and should be classified as an accelerated aging disease.

An exceptionally rare accelerated aging disease, Werner Syndrome, typically begins to appear after puberty at which time the aging process rapidly accelerates so that by the person is about 40 years old they appear to be several decades older. While many ailments associated with old age are present in those suffering Werner Syndrome, other mental disorder such as dementia or Alzheimer Disease are usually absent.

Not All Diseases Affect Entire Process

There are some signs of accelerated aging that may affect certain functions at an early age without affected the person's overall ability to live a long life. Diseases such as Xeroderma pigmentosum, which affects the body's natural ability to heal from any damage caused by ultraviolet light. Persons suffering this disorder may have what appears to be premature aging of their skin and proper precautions will be necessary. It may even be necessary to avoid sunlight all together.

Some of the controllable aspects of accelerated aging can include proper diet and exercise. To help maintain the nutrients needed by the body to help prevent not only the appearance of age, but also to prevent the affects of ailments that portend to be a sign on accelerated aging. Without proper care, the body will begin to deteriorate before its time and appear older than it is.

In order to prevent non-genetic causes of accelerated aging, preventing diseases is far more valuable that any efforts to cure them. Practicing good health is not a guarantee that a person will not suffer from accelerated aging, but it improves the chances of long and healthy life.