Distance is Nothing but Miles, Miles are Nothing When the Love is True

Relationships are difficult. The balancing act between both partners is felt cautiously; each I love you and each embrace still a tug-of-war. But when the relationship is felt between a long distance, it can be easier to run away than to hold onto what’s there. Long distance relationships aren’t for everyone. Some people crave physical affection too often to even consider the possibilities. But when love hits you, you don’t always have a chance to back away. If love comes from miles and miles away, why not cling to it and give it your all? It shouldn’t matter whether the person is your neighbor or a stranger from two states north. It shouldn’t matter if you see the person every day and night, if you love them you will go to any length to keep the love there.


Online dating has become a popular trend among the modern day Earth. We are in a different century from the generations before us. It is a dangerous generation out here in the Web, but thanks to modern day it is very easy to find someone to love. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, you can easily find your match out there in cyberspace, on websites such as Meet.com, Facebook.com, POF.com, Chatango.com, or IMVU.com But finding your match doesn’t always guarantee that they will live in your area. Although many social-networking sites include a search bar with the area or state of your liking, sometimes you hit it off with someone beyond your expectations, but they don’t live in your backyard.


There are many ways to love someone even if they aren’t physically there. Modern day inventions such as Skype or Msn can connect you and your loved one through a webcam. This makes it seem as if your partner is actually in the room with you, and although you can’t touch them or hug them, you can see them and hear their voice. Webcam chatting can substitute phone calls or texts, and make conversations more intimate. It helps to see your loved ones facial expressions as they speak, something that talking on the phone can’t allow. Another way to keep the flame alive when your significant other is far away is sending emails or letters. It’s an old fashioned way to communicate, but it’s a whimsical approach to conversation, and the smile on your loved one’s face when they open the envelope will keep the love between the both of you beyond magical. Although you won’t always be able to see each other, it’s important to plan days or trips to reunite. This could mean taking trips to see your loved one once a month or once a week, depending on the distance between you two. Distance shouldn’t affect the love you have for one another. Rekindling the love with moments in person can strength your relationship, and the anticipation of seeing each other again whether it be months or weeks, will give you both something to look forward to. Whatever form of communication you have with your loved one, whether that be texts, emails or webcam chatting, just remember to check in with each other periodically, to remind your loved one that you care and that distance won’t affect the love you both share. 

Distance doesn't matter if it's Love
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