The workplace is a place where many things can happen. Because of this, some people have misconceptions regarding employment issues, benefits and responsibilities. When these situations happen, confusion arises, which leads to disputes and conflicts. If you are an employee and you want to know more about work and employment, here are some myths in the workplace you shouldn't think of:

Myth 1: Working long hours is beneficial.

Many employees actually believe that working ultra hard would benefit them in the future. Unless you are Superman, working too hard will only cause you health problems and sickness.

Myth 2: Work and personal issues should be separated.

This is another idea that people get from idealists. No matter how hard an employee tries to separate these two things, he just can't. Personal problems affect your work performance and problems at work sometimes cause conflicts at home.

Myth 3: If there is no written contract, there is no contract at all.

Every employee should remember that in any kind of work there is always a contract, whether it is written, spoken, or implied. If you are an employee and you're not sure what kind of agreement you have with your employer, just ask him.

Myth 4: Sending more than one resume can land you a job.

Resumes are important papers that become the basis of employers to hire you. However, having more than one resume might not work. Just one will do – you just have to make it as comprehensive and impressive as you can.

Myth 5: Companies who offer benefits are good.

Not necessarily. Sometimes, companies do this to make up for their low salary rates.

Myth 6: Being loyal to a company gives you benefits.

This idea is already outdated. Nowadays, if you stay with just one company, you might be left out when it comes to salary. It is not a bad thing to try other companies as well.

If you have these thoughts in mind, you better put those away. The workplace is a place where people should learn how to balance their priorities, handle problems, and treat other people fairly. There are many other myths and misconceptions out there, but basically the concept is the same – avoid becoming idealistic, or believing what many think is true.

The workplace is full of mysteries and adventure. If you want to become an effective employee, just do your obligations and exercise your rights. For more information about the workplace, you can consult a Los Angeles labor attorney.