Just a few years ago, Apple was the undisputed king of the mobile devices industry and it was hard to image anyone competing Apple in near future. But after Android was introduced in 2008, it gained widespread acceptance from the renowned tech manufacturers as well as common users. Android app store, although not as much equipped as Apple’s app store, offers thousands of applications belonging to various categories of life.


The increasing popularity of Android becomes clear when we learn that Android has already surpassed Apple when it comes to more number of units of smartphones sold during 2010.

Android has managed to reach this goal even though its app store needs to go a long way before catching up with Apple app store. Android app store is officially known with the name of Android Market and now, more than 50,000 apps belonging to various categories are found in this market.


JAVA programming language


The applications that are developed for Android Market use the JAVA programming language utilizing various tools which, other than being provided by Google itself, have also been developed by third-party developers. The Android app store, now, pays for 70% of the application developed by an independent developer.


And to develop application for Android, a developer needs to have a working knowledge for Java and an SDK provided by Google. With these minimum requirements, you can develop an app for Android the process of which has further been simplified with the detailed instructions from Google that come with the SDK. Applications in Android app store, other than being categorized under various categories, are also categorized as

  • top paid
  • top free
  • top grossing
  • top new paid applications


These categories help the users to decide which applications they need right now.


Innovative applications


Various creative applications being developed for Android app store are gaining widespread popularity and this is further encouraging the freelance developers to join hands with the existing Android developers.

Some of the most famous applications from Android market at this day include

  • Talking TransFormers with more than 10,000 downloads
  • Hotmail app for mobile devices with more than 50,000 downloads
  • various social networking apps for Facebook and Twitter
  • games belonging to different categories
  • and applications for education and science.


As is clear from the trends, social networking applications of Android market are among the most popular and highly downloaded apps. Another reason for the popularity of Android market was that applications are available from it at lower cost compared to Apple app store.



Samsung was one of the biggest reasons for the expansion of Android platform and although recent news show that Samsung might part its ways with Google in near future, the dominance that Android has already achieved in the market of mobile devices would be very hard to challenge, particularly because of its being open source.


With the passage of time, the Android market is being constantly equipped with new and highly innovative apps that give Android market its special flavor and it seems that Android won’t take too long before it finally catches up with IOS.